7 Interesting Facts About Bullfighting in Madrid

Bullfighting in Madrid1. There are two bullrings for bullfighting in Madrid, Spain, and these are Las Ventas and Vista Alegre. One is much larger than the other, and vista Alegre is not as large or popular, or used as frequently, as Las Ventas is. Both bullrings are still in use though, while most cities only have a single venue for bullfighting.

2. Madrid is home to the largest bullring in the entire country of Spain, and this is Las Ventas. This bullring can hold around twenty five thousand people, and is one of the places to visit in Madrid for any tourist or bullfighting fan. During important matches with famous matadors, people may come from all over Spain, and even other parts of the world, to see the match play out.

3. Bullfighting in Spain, no matter where it is, always starts with travel to Madrid. That is because Las Ventas is the location where every novice fighter must kill their first bull and show off their skills in the ring.

4. There is a specific season for bullfighting in Madrid, and this season starts in March and then ends in October. During the bullfighting season the number of fights may vary, depending on the specific date as well as other factors.

5. Bullfighting in Madrid, just as in other parts of Spain, is done according to a strict set of rules, and most of the time the bull is killed. In rare circumstances the bull may be spared however, if the crowd chooses. This has only been done a few times in the history of bullfighting, and it is very unusual.

6. For a bull to be chosen for bullfighting in Madrid, the age of the bull must be five years old. The bulls are raised exclusively in Spain, and are pampered until their fight when they reach the appropriate age. Bulls are bred and chosen for their crankiness and ill temper, so that a fair fight is guaranteed.

7. Carmelo, a famous bull in the history of bullfighting in Madrid, was one of the few bulls to earn a pardon and be spared. This bull took on a lion and a tiger, and won both times. The crowd decided to spare Carmelo, and he was pastured instead.