7 Interesting Facts About Cesky Krumlov Castle

Cesky Krumlov CastleCesky Krumlov Castle is located in the Czech Republic in Central Europe and has a wonderful history filled with interesting facts. Although it is centuries old, and remains the top attraction in the area, many are not aware of the various back stories that have circulated about the families who once resided here.

However, you can find 7 interesting facts about Cesky Krumlov Castle located below:

1. The most interesting Cesky Krumlov Castle fact involves the name, which is derived from two different cultures, Latin and German. It actually reflects how the landscape of the castle is configured because it is situated within a rugged meadow. Castrum Crumnau, the Latin variation or Crumbenowe, the German name translates to Krumlov Castle.

2. Cesky Krumlov Castle was once home to several royal families. The most significant being the Rosenberg’s and the Schwarzenberg’s. However, during 1173 the Vitek of Prcice, an envoy for the French Emperor settled in the area of Southern Bohemia and caused even more issues. As a result, the two families founded two separate cities, New Castle and Rosenberg. Because Vitek represented an Emperor, he was given preference to the castle. The ‘Division of the Roses’, a painting on display in the castle, depicts this historical moment.

3. Although Cesky Krumlov Castle is in the city of Southern Bohemia, it is officially within the Prague historic district. This has long been known as knight and castle land and the status remains to this date. In addition to Krumlov Castle, which is actually second in size compared to Prague Castle, there are other smaller castles.

4. The number of tourists that visit Krumlov Castle and Charles Bridge, Prague is in excess of 1.5 million. In fact, this area becomes so populated during the peak season that those who visit Krumlov Castle prefer to view the Charles Bridge from the castle tower, as opposed to touring the area up close.

5. Prague Tours to Krumlov Castle can last all day because of the sheer size. They also only allow 20 visitors for each tour. There are several to choose from, but they all place the focus on one of the original royal families like the Rosenberg’s and the Schwarzenberg’s, who are both credited for the advancement of the surrounding town and industry. The most popular tour is that of the Baroque Theater, which features the orchestra pit, auditorium, props and costumes. Be advised, Prague travel packages that offer tours to Krumlov Castle will only feature one.

6. There are over 200 cheap hotels in Prague that will allow you to take a shuttle bus to Krumlov Castle, which is the preferred method of arrival. The train is very costly. The castle provides two main bus stops for convenience. One is at the northern section and the other, which is considered the major terminal, is on the east side.

7. Restoring the Cesky Krumlov Castle tower is the most costly and significant project in this area and in the castle history. While other renovations have taken place over the years, only the tower’s restoration project remains the most critical to the structure.