7 Interesting Facts about Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh

Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh1. A Unique Hilltop Location – Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh is situated on the high cliffs, giving guests a unique view from their rooms. If you are going to visit Egypt for any reason, whether you are looking for archeology, diving, or just a relaxing vacation, this resort has a lot to offer anyone.

2. World Famous Diving – Sharm El Sheikh diving is famous around the world. It is popular because of the variety and abundance of corals and marine life under the water in the area. Tourists travel from all over the globe to dive in these warm tropical waters and are astounded at the abundance of fish and other marine animals that can be viewed.

3. Part Of A Group Of Resorts – One interesting note about Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh is that the resort is part of a group of resorts which are owned and operated by the same company. This means you get consistent service and quality at any of the resorts owned by the company, and you can choose to stay at a resort in more than one location if your vacation involves more than one area of Egypt.

4. Stunning Architecture – The architecture of the Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh is astounding, with a blend of both Mediterranean and Turkish inspiration during the building of the resort. Egyptian tours are very popular for tourists, and a stay at the resort offers many tour opportunities, as well as beautiful architecture to marvel over.

5. Top All Inclusive Vacation Destination – One of the interesting notes about Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh is that you can have an all inclusive stay, so you do not go over your budget yet still have a fabulous stay. One price allows you to access all of the included components, and this includes dining, drinks, and numerous activities.

6. Stunning Tropical Surroundings – Egypt is known for the tropical beauty that is abundant, and this is true whether you are diving in Dahab or staying at Club Reef and relaxing. The warm climate and lush beauty of the surroundings make it very hard not to enjoy a stay at the Club Reef.

7. A Modern Resort Built In 1993 – The Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh is fairly modern, with many amenities. Built in 1993, the resort quickly became known as one of the best scuba diving locations in Egypt, drawing in many visitors each year for the underwater views and the modern luxury offered.