7 Interesting Facts About Glow Worm Caves

Glow Worm CavesGlow Worm caves are perhaps one of the most beautiful natural wonders in New Zealand. They are filled with sights and sounds that can astound even the most seasoned traveler and this is why millions come from all over to visit this exquisite attraction.

A tour of the cave appeals to the young and old alike and once you enter, you will understand why. The boat ride through the subterranean cavern guides you through approximately 250 meters as the glowworms provide natural lighting.

During your tour, your guide will provide you with a number of historical facts about the caves and New Zealand. You can review 7 interesting facts about Glow Worm caves by reading below:

1. Waitomo Caves has over 120 years of history and is part of the New Zealand culture. The glowworms are natural inhabitants of New Zealand and flourish in the underground caves.

2. Seeing the glowworms is one of the most popular New Zealand tourist attractions and must be booked in advance.

3. New Zealand adventure tours also include Black Water rafting, in addition to the glowworms and if you are interested in both, you can purchase a package for a low price.

4. Ruakuri Cave is also a popular destination for glowworms; but it is afoot tour, not boat. It is also wheel chair accessible.

5. The Waitomo region where all Glow Worm caves are located is more than 30 million years old. The origins began when limestone began forming along the shoreline.

6. Hotels in Rotorua offer daily sight seeing tours to Waitomo, where the glowworms are located. A scenic ride to Auckland will have you exploring the caves in less than 3 hours.

7. Waitomo is not only home to the caves; you can also participate in activities, like horseback riding or even golf.

This article was designed to help you understand the how spectacular the Waitomo region can be. The Glow Worm caves are a must on anyone’s list who wants to marvel at the wonders of nature.

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