7 Interesting Facts About Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque1. The Hassan II mosque, also called the Grand Mosque of Hassan II, is the the second largest mosque and third largest religious building in the entire world. The only mosque larger is in Mecca, and the minaret on the Grand Mosque is the tallest one around the globe, even taller than the one located in Mecca.

2. Most Casablanca Morocco hotels offer a view of the mosque, which is not difficult considering it towers over the city and surrounding area. This mosque was not completed until the year 1993, and it took 7 years to build during which the work was done around the clock by thousands of craftsmen and laborers.

3. The Hassan II mosque can hold up to twenty five thousand people, and the complex covers over nine hectares. There is a balcony for women which can hold up to five thousand, and the main floor of the mosque allows another twenty thousand. The courtyard is large enough to accommodate another eighty thousand individuals.

4. A visit to the mosque is one of the top things to do in Casablanca. Muslims are not restricted in their entry, but non-muslims can only view the interior of the mosque during guided tours, which are only given during specific times. The exquisite tile work and the beautiful Murano chandeliers are just a few aspects which make this tour worth the cost.

5. Cleaning the Hassan II mosque requires two hundred workers on a daily basis, with no days missed. This does not include the cost or employees needed to perform any maintenance or repairs. The cost of the construction for the mosque was eighty million dollars, of which King Hassan paid approximately one third, with the balance of the costs paid by the people of Morocco.

6. The mosque is one of the most popular attractions included in Morocco vacation packages. The extreme size and height make the structure visible when landing and taking off at the Casablanca airport. The minaret of the mosque has two laser beams which point the way to mecca.

7. The Hassan II mosque includes some modern elements, such as a heated floor, doors which operate on electricity, and a floor made from glass so the ocean below can be viewed. The roof also offers modern features, and can be opened up on days when the weather is nice.