7 Interesting Facts about Meteora Greece

Meteora GreeceMeteora, Greece, a place meaning “suspended in the air,” is an eroded rock which monks have built their monasteries. This Greek Orthodox holy site is great for anyone looking to diverge from their other Athens tourist attractions. Checking out some interesting facts about this great site will help you plan your time visiting this monastery.

1. A great way to visit this monastery is on a bus tour from Athens to Meteora. Booking this trip through a travel agency before you leave on your vacation to Greece is a great option.

2. The best Meteora Greece hotels are located in the small village of Kastraki. It is possible to visit the monasteries traveling by foot if you are staying in this quaint village. Hotels usually range from about $50 USD to $100 USD a night.

3. Before visiting Meteora Greece, reading a little about Greek Orthodoxy is a great way to familiarize with some traditions and history of the monks. There are 6 monasteries that serve as museums to the public.

4. To optimize the time you have for your activity holidays in Greece, visiting the monasteries earlier in the day is a great way to avoid crowds.

5. Meteora Greece has been around since the 9th Century, when a group of hermit monks began to inhabit the area. Over the years, many different monasteries were built but today, only six monasteries still remain.

6. The rocks in Meteora Greece are over 60 million years old! Their evolving and weathering makes them a perfect place to hike and explore the caves that have formed over the years.

7. A few hours away from Meteora Greece is Mount Olympus. By staying near Meteora, you are in a perfect position to travel all over Greece, including Athens, Santorini, and Thessaloniki.