7 Interesting Facts About Pikes Peak Colorado

Pikes Peak ColoradoPikes Peak Colorado is a world famous mountain that towers over the entire area and can be seen from hundreds of miles away. As the backdrop of many hotels, restaurants and parks, it beckons visitors because of the awesome beauty.

There are also some very interesting facts about Pikes Peak Colorado that many people may not be too familiar with. Many are fun, but mostly, quite fascinating.

The 7 interesting facts about Pikes Peak Colorado are right here for you to review:

1. Although Pikes Peak Colorado is indeed a massive mountain, it actually ranks 31 in the state, out of a total of 54. The highest mountain is called Mt. Elbert, which has a height of 14,433 feet, but it is not as famous so understandably, most believe Pikes Peak is the highest. Pikes Peak is a few hundred feet shorter, coming in at 14,110 feet high.

2. There are 5 ways to view the scenery of Pikes Peak Colorado, they include Glen Cove, Camera Point, Bottomless Pit, Crystal Creek Reservoir and Devil’s Playground. In addition to the view, you may also encounter several native wildlife species, including Bighorn Sheep, Mule deer and marmots.

3. Each year, more than 5.9 million people come to this area of Colorado. Of these, over ½ choose to take Pikes Peak Cog Railway as their means of transport around the mountain, rather than hiking or driving. It is especially popular for families with smaller children who could become affected by the high altitude. The higher you ascend, the more challenging it becomes to breathe.

4. Hiking Pikes Peak via The Barr Trail can take approximately 8 to 12 hours, which is why only the most stout-hearted tend to attempt this climb. Although the trail is clearly marked, many get turned around because of the switchbacks and this is why the time frame varies so widely. In addition, many choose to camp for a while at Barr Camp, either for a few hours or overnight.

5. During the months between May and July, Pikes Peak becomes one of the number one Colorado Springs attractions. This is when the weather is the most stable and while the temperatures may rise slightly during July, Pikes Peak continues to remain cool and inviting. But, it is still best to dress in layers.

6. Even if you cannot get to the mountain, one of the fun things to do in Colorado Springs, during New Years is to find a spot and watch the fireworks as they shoot from the peak of the summit. This is a tradition that began years ago and aptly begins the start of each calendar year, with a bang.

7. Because Pikes Peak has such a high altitude, you must make specific preparations to your vehicle if you choose to drive to the top, or summit. It is a total of 38 miles both ways and usually takes about 2 hours. However, make sure your vehicle can handle multiple gear shifts and allow the engine to idle once you arrive at the top.