7 Interesting Facts about Vasa Museum in Stockholm

Vasa MuseumWhile on your Swedish vacation, be sure to visit one of Stockholm’s most well-known attractions: the Vasa Museum. Of all the things to do in Stockholm, this historic museum offers a wide variety of sights and experiences for adults and children alike, making it a must-see. Here is a list of seven interesting facts about the Vasa Museum to capture your interest:

1. Vasa Museum in Stockholm is home to the world’s only existing preserved seventeenth-century warship, called the Vasa.

2. The Vasa is roughly sixty-nine meters long and is ornately detailed with hundreds of wooden carved sculptures, making it a notably enormous artistic treasure.

3. In addition to the fascinating tour of the ship itself, there are nine exhibitions around the ship to enrich tourists’ Vasa experience.

4. The Vasa sank in the middle of Stockholm in 1628 and was not salvaged for restoration until over three-hundred years later.

5. Today, more than ninety-five percent of the warship is original and restored to its original glory. The three masts atop the sizable ship were recreated from the Vasa’s original likeness and demonstrate the ship’s awe-inspiring height.

6. Vasa Museum hosts over one million visitors a year, making it Scandinavia’s most visited museum.

7. In addition to the ship itself and its outlying exhibits, the museum offers a film about the Vasa’s history, viewable in sixteen different languages, and there is also a restaurant and gift-shop on the museum’s premises.

Be sure the visit the Vasa Museum during your Stockholm stay. There are many hotels in Stockholm near the museum, to suit any budget. Stockholm is full of noteworthy museums, with offerings to please intellectuals and experience-seekers alike. If you’re planning to stay in Stockholm to do some more sight-seeing, the Museum of Modern Art Stockholm is another museum not far from the historical Vasa warship that is worth the trip.