7 Interesting Facts In Boldt Castle History

Boldt CastleBoldt Castle is one of the most interesting in castles in USA. The history dates back to 1900 when more than 300 stonemasons, artists and carpenters designed and began creating this majestic piece of art.

Listed below are 7 interesting facts in Boldt Castle history:

1. George C. Boldt spent millions of dollars to build the castle as a token of love for his wife. 4 years into construction, the project came to a halt, Boldt’s wife had died. He no longer had any interest in developing the castle and it remained untouched and unfinished for the next 73 years.

2. The Thousand Islands NY Bridge Authority claimed the property in 1977 and picked up where Boldt left off.

3. Boldt Castle is only accessible by boat and is located on Heart Island. Tours can include wonderful St. Lawrence River Cruises where they dock on the island and continue to the castle.

4. Singer Castle is often compared to Boldt because of the size and grounds, but, the two castles are very different, in structure and development. Boldt is not fully renovated inside, while Singer is complete. Singer is also located on a separate island.

5. Heart Island, the home of the castle, was purchased by Louise Boldt for only $1.00. Previous offers for the island were in excess of $10,000, but Boldt lucked out and took advantage of the great deal.

6. Boldt Castle is still considered a work in progress. The original funding dried up. Now, the tours of the castle are the only means of financing the continuing project. On average, a tour to the island is approximately $8.00. The money is donated to the castle.

7. The dome skylight inside of the castle is made of stained-glass and has well over 6000, hand-cut pieces of glass.

As you can see, the wonders never cease and the history is rich. You should take some time off and explore the area for yourself.