7 Interesting Facts In Schonbrunn Palace History

Schonbrunn PalaceAustria is a country steeped in history and culture. One of the most popular and most loved architectural monuments is Schonbrunn Palace. When searching for the most interesting things to do in Vienna, Austria a visit to Schonbrunn Palace must not be missed. Here we have a brief list of the 7 most interesting facts in Schonbrunn Palace history.

1. The palace is one of the most important cultural monuments in Austria as it was the former imperial summer residence.

2. The property of Schonbrunn Palace includes the palace, park as well as the Vienna Zoo which is the oldest recorded zoo in the world. There are also 1441 rooms inside the palace although only 40 are accessible to visitors.

3. The magnificent history of the palace dates back to the Middle Ages although it has been added onto as well as rebuilt in some areas.

4. When first constructed in the 14th century the estate was referred to as the Katterburg.

5. In 1569 the palace came into the possession of Maximilian II where according to the deeds included a house, watermill and stables.

6. Mozart gave his very first concert to the Empress in the Mirror Room when he was only six years old.

7. There are several gardens which were designed centuries ago. In the French garden, there is an intricate maze.

From the history of this magnificent palace, it is easy to see why it is one of the most beloved Vienna attractions. When booking your Austria vacation visitors will find that many of the hotels in Vienna, Austria may offer packages that include admission to Schonbrunn Palace. Some of these packages may also come with cheap flights to Vienna if you book the flight and hotel together so it’s important to discuss this with your travel agent.