7 Interesting Facts in Suzhou Gardens History

Suzhou GardensWhile planning a Chinese vacation, visitors will find that there are many fun and interesting things to do in Suzhou. As with any vacation, it’s important to find the best cheap flights to Shanghai in order to save enough money to participate in many of the fun things in and around Shanghai. Visitors can consider staying at the Garden Hotel, Suzhou which is located near the Suzhou Industrial Park. One of the most visited tourist attractions in Suzhou is the Suzhou Gardens.

There are several fun and interesting facts about the Suzhou Gardens. Below is a list of the 7 most Interesting Facts in Suzhou Gardens History.

1. For over 2000 years, several different dynasties assembled different garden designs that were meant to help bring peace and relaxation to the early Chinese people.

2. The earliest garden is thought to belong to the King of Wu and was established around 770 – 476 B.C.

3. From the beginning, a typical Suzhou Garden is meant to contain a balance of different elements that are believed to create harmony and peace.

4. The Canglang Pavilion also known as the Surging Waves Pavilion is located in the southern part of Suzhou City and is the oldest garden among the classical Suzhou Gardens.

5. Located in the Northeast part of Suzhou City is a representative of the gardens of the Yuan Dynasty which was built in 1350.

6. Within the boundaries of these beautiful gardens are flowers, trees, pools, hills, pavilions as well as crisscrossing canals, lakes, stone bridges and historical temples.

7. Of all of the gardens, the most popular tourist attraction at Suzhou Gardens is the Humble Administrators Garden.

As well as enjoying the beautiful and abundant Suzhou Gardens, visitors should also not miss visiting the Suzhou Museum. While visiting this museum, guests can enjoy the many collections such as the jade, calligraphy, craftwork as well as silk.