7 Interesting Little Mermaid Statue Facts

Little Mermaid StatueAre you familiar with the Disney movie, Little Mermaid? Well you may not know that Ariel was not the start of fairy tale, nor did it have a happy ending. Here are 7 facts about the Little Mermaid Statue of Copenhagen that you might not know.

1. The story of the Little Mermaid was written in 1836 by Hans Christian Anderson and latter turned into the Little Mermaid Statue to commemorate the success of the author in 1913.

2. Disney turned the story into a cartoon movie for children and wrote the movie to align with their theme of happily ever after endings. If you are traveling with children and looking for things to do in Copenhagen with kids, they will surely enjoy visiting the statue.

3. The Little Mermaid is one of the most popular Copenhagen attractions and is located in the cruise harbor. It is very easy to spot, as it will be marked by scores of tourists pointing cameras at it.

4. If you feel that you can’t live without the Little Mermaid Statue, a replica can be purchased. She comes in small, medium and large and can be placed inside your home or in an outdoor rock or botanical garden. Prices vary.

5. The sculpture used the likeness of the prima ballerina, Ellen Price as the original model for the statue. He also used the likeness of the topless section of the mermaid from his wife, as Ms. Price did not pose nude for the statue.

6. Like many statues before her, the Little Mermaid has suffered through many acts of vandalism which includes being shoved off the rock she is perched upon and vandals stealing her arm. Many would think this would be difficult to get away with due to her location, which is surrounded in the harbor by the Copenhagen hotels and many townhomes.

7. Along with the statue being one of the most photographed attractions in Demark, it is also a good place to visit for free things to do in Copenhagen.

The Little Mermaid Statue will continue to be a place marker in Denmark’s history. It is a must see tourist attraction and well worth the long lines to capture a photograph of her to add to your travel scrapbook.