7 Interesting Sydney Harbour Bridge Facts

Sydney Harbour Bridge Facts1. Sydney Harbour Bridge took close to sixty years to pay off. The bridge was not completely paid off until the year 1988, in part because the original toll was small. There is still a toll charged today to use the bridge to visit the Sydney attractions or travel across, but it is no longer the original sixpence that was charged in the past.

2. The ribbon cutting ceremony for the Sydney Harbour Bridge did not go exactly as planned. Premier Jack Lang was the official who was supposed to cut the ribbon and officially open the bridge, but he was beaten to it. A New Guard member named Francis De Groot, a captain with the para-military group, rode up on his horse and used his sword to cut the ribbon instead.

3. More than one hundred and sixty thousand vehicles cross the bridge every single day. Many of these vehicles are on their way to Darling Harbour restaurants or Sydney Opera House events, while others imply want to experience this historic bridge.

4. One of the most interesting facts about the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the reason behind the gray color of the paint. When it came time to paint the bridge after construction, the quantity of paint needed could only be found in the color gray.

5. The bridge is visible from most of the rooms in the local Sydney hotels, and provides a scenic backdrop to the harbour. Many visitors to the city are astonished to learn that the bridge is the largest but not longest bridge.

6. The Sydney Harbour Bridge includes special hinges in the arch top. These hinges are necessary because of the fluctuation the arch goes through when temperature changes occur. The fluctuation can rise and fall by as much as one hundred and eighty millimeters.

7. The history of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is not without conflict or controversy. When the construction on the bridge began, there were approximately eight hundred homes blocking the plan. These homes were demolished and the families removed, and no compensation was given for the seizure and destruction.