7 Interesting Trim Castle Facts

Trim Castle Facts1. Trim Castle is thought to be the first stone castle built in Ireland, out of all the Ireland castles ever built. This and other Trim Castle facts are explained on the guided tour which is offered, and it is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

2. Another interesting fact mentioned during the Trim Castle tours is that the castle has been famous and well known for centuries. The Norman poem titled “The Song Of Dermot And The Earl” actually mentions Trim Castle, and this poem was written far back in history.

3. One of the most interesting Trim Castle facts is exactly what this castle signified in the past. As the largest castle in Ireland, Trim Castle showed the prominence of the Irish gentleman Hugh De Lacy in the late eleven hundreds. Built originally in 1173, it was burned down, and then rebuilt by De Lacy in 1175.

4. One of the most well known Trim Castle facts is that the movie Braveheart was filmed at the castle. Starring Mel Gibson, the movie depicted the Irish hero William Wallace, and the castle was used as the setting for many parts of the movie.

5. Trim Castle facts include the rich history and times of despair. From the mid fourteen hundreds until the mid fifteen hundreds the castle was abandoned and fell into a state of neglect. It was not until King Richard ordered the castle repaired in the early part of the fifteenth century that the the castle was used again.

6. In the early nineteen seventies, excavations performed uncovered ten men who were missing their heads. These skeletons dated back to the mid fourteen hundreds, when King Edward ordered that thieves would lose their heads, which were mounted to warn others of their disastrous path. This is just one of the many interesting Trim Castle facts.

7. Trim Castle can be a terrific addition to Ireland vacation packages, but tours are available with a guide only. Some of the stairs and walkways are very narrow, and they are the original size. A minimum of restoration has been done to keep the castle in a historic condition.