7 Most Interesting Angel Falls Facts

Angel Falls Facts

Ranked along with world’s four most beautiful waterfalls such as Victoria Falls in southern Africa, Niagara Falls in North America and Iguazu Falls in South America, Angel Falls is one of the iconic landmarks of Venezuela competing with its counterparts with its sheer size and brilliance. Located in the midst of the jungle, the tallest waterfall in the world is one of the least accessible attractions in South America. This is one of the top Venezuela vacation spots, and an experience that no visitor should miss.

Throughout the centuries this attraction has gathered a lot of interesting Angel Falls facts that we can not help sharing with the readers.

1. One of the most interesting Angel Falls facts is how they were discovered by the Westerners. They take their name after an American aviator Jimmie Angel who by the whim of the fate sustained an airplane malfunction trying to land on a nearby table top mountain along with his wife and two other companions in 1937. It took explorers almost 11 days to descend the tepui by foot in the middle of South American wilderness.

2. It’s not easy to reach the Angel Falls location. To reach this beautiful spectacle one must book one of many cheap flights to Caracas followed by a plane ride to Cuidad Bolivar or Puerto Ordaz which will get you to the Canaima Camp, one of the starting points of any jungle river adventures. All river tours are led by indigenous Pemon people taking you to the foothills of the gorgeous Falls. These tours are especially popular during the rainy season (June through December) when the River is deep and the Falls are at their fullest opening unforgettable scenery. Or you can take a helicopter tour and see all of the beauty from the air instead.

3. One of the interesting Angel Falls facts is the sheer height of this attraction. These falls reach more than twenty six hundred feet up, and they are roughly fifteen times as high as Niagara Falls. The longest continuous drop in the falls is over eight hundred meters.

4. Angel Falls is located inside the Canaima National Park in Venezuela, a park known for exquisite beauty and unique geographical relief known as tepui, flat top rock mountains, believed to be sacred by the indigenous people of Pemon Indians who have been inhabiting the park grounds for many centuries.

5. According to other less known Angel Falls facts, the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez was promoting to change the name of the Falls to their original name given by the Pemon Indians many centuries ago, Kerepakupai Vena meaning “the deepest place waterfalls”. However, the decision has never been made official so the Falls are still known by the name of the American aviator Jimmie Angel.

6. For thrill seekers out there just seeing the famous Falls is simply not enough. They can choose from a long menu of experiences around the Falls whether they want to take boat tours, go hiking up the tepui trek, standing underneath waterfalls, swimming in lakes, sleeping in hammocks and enjoying the beautiful sunrise in the morning. But we saved the best for last, how do you feel about jumping off the highest waterfalls in the world followed by the best skydiving experience?

7. One of the Angel Falls facts which is interesting is that during the rainy season they may divide into two separate waterfalls. When the water level is high it is possible to feel the spray up to a mile away.

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