7 Most Interesting Crater Lake National Park Facts

Crater Lake National Park FactsThe Crater Lake National Park facts all stem from the origin of the park. Oregon is mainly known for large trees and the logging industry. However, this park is special. There are mountains, valleys, and beauty for miles.

Many of the Crater National Park facts include statistics about the size of the lake and the way it was formed. The origins date back millions of years.

The 7 most interesting Crater Lake National Park facts are below:

1. Crater Lake is 1943 feet deep. Not only is this spectacular for the Oregon National Parks, it is also a world record. This lake ranks in the top 10 deepest lakes, not in America, but in the entire world.

2. Crater Lake weather can be somewhat extreme. During the winter, it can reach about 18 degrees Fahrenheit and during the summer, it soars to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Crater Lake National Park camping includes two sites. The main site, Mazama Village has over 200 to choose from. It is a combination tent and RV site with electric, showers and other amenities.

4. Crater Lake is so clear, you can see over 100 feet down. This is one of the reasons why Crater Lake boat tours are so popular. There is nothing more spectacular than sitting in a boat, exploring the pristine waters and creatures that lie beneath. It is truly a rare sight.

5. Another one of the interesting Crater Lake National Park facts concerns the eruption of a volcano called Mount Mazama. This is not just the name of the campground; it is also how the park was created. After the eruption, the mountain collapsed. Rain filled the crevice and the lake was formed. This is why it is called Crater Lake. It took 7700 years in total.

6. Unlike other national parks, Crater Lake has few hiking trails. Most visitors come for the lake. However, there are about 5 ranging in distance from 0.5 miles to 5 miles.

7. The average rain is about 66 inches and the amount of snow is just as impressive. During the winter months, Crater Lake can receive as much as 44 feet of now.