7 Most Interesting Facts About Il Duomo Florence

Il Duomo Florence1. Il Duomo Florence is one of the top attractions in the city of Florence, and this structure contains many beautiful art works. The Uffizi Gallery, known as one of the best museums in the world, contains larger numbers of works by Italian masters, and the collection in this gallery is much more extensive than what is found at the cathedral itself.

2. The cathedral took approximately one hundred and forty years to build. Construction initially started on September 8, 1296, and the cathedral was not consecrated until March 25, 1436. Many Tuscany hotels may offer tours and special packages that center around the cathedral.

3. Il Duomo Florence is not the official name of the cathedral, even though the dome is what the building is most commonly referred to. The official name of the structure is Santa Maria del Fiore, which translates into Our Lady of the Flower.

4. One of the reasons that Il Duomo is considered one of the top things to do in Florence Italy is the size. This cathedral is considered the third largest church in the entire world based on nave size. The nave is just slightly less than one hundred and fifty meters in size, and is smaller only than the ones in St. Paul’s and St. Peter’s cathedrals.

5. Il Duomo Florence contains a double dome, so there are actually two domes used in the structure instead of one. As one of the top Florence attractions, the cathedral draws many visitors. It is possible to climb to the top of the exterior dome, but this involves many narrow and winding stairs located in between the two domes to reach the upper one.

6. Santa Croce Florence Italy is a church which may not be as big as Il Duomo, but this church is just as popular and famous. Santa Croce is the resting place of many famous people through history, and the architecture and art used in the creation of this structure is incredible. Both of these churches should be on a must visit list for anyone who comes to Florence.

7. The interior of Il Duomo Florence has a unique clock prominently displayed on the back wall. This clock was designed by Paolo Uccello, and is a twenty four hour model. Paintings on the clock face represent four saints, all of whom were men. This is an operational clock which accurately tells time, and the hands run backwards instead of in a clockwise direction.