7 Most Interesting Mount Roraima Venezuela Facts

Mount RoraimaLocated in Canaima National Park Venezuela, Mount Roraima is a humongous tepui, a mountain that is characterized by tall sheer cliff walls and a flat table-top like summit. Mount Roraima is definitely a very well-known Venezuela landmark that can be seen for miles, but there are lots of other facts about this behemoth that you may not already know.

1. Mount Roraima is one of the highest of the peaks in the Tepui plateau in the whole of South America. It represents the oldest geological formation on the planet, as it dates back 2 billion years.

2. The tepui is located in the same park as the Angel Falls location. The Falls are the tallest in the world and attract visitors from all over when from June-December; they can take a boat down the river to its base and marvel at the water plummeting some 807 meters from the 979 meter cliff.

3. Mount Roraima is a triple border point, as it ‘is’ the border between Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil.

4. The area contains some of the rarest flora and fauna that is not found anywhere else in the world. The pitcher plants, heathers and even a diurnal toad make their home on the tepui.

5. As it rains every day, there are waterfalls that randomly pop up at various locations across the plateau, since it is flat there is nowhere but down for the water to go.

6. The tepui was the first major one in the world to be climbed when in 1884, Sir Everard im Thurn took a forested trail that took him to the plateau. The same trail is the one used by hikers today as they make their way through the camps and tough terrain to get to the top.

7. Those lucky enough to ascend to the top of Mount Roraima will be greeted by black rocks, gorges, wildflower gardens and numerous pools on the summit that measures 31 square kilometers. It is so high and so wet from the constant rain that the summit is usually covered in fog. Over the years helicopter tours have cropped up that take visitors to the summit without the need for a long and treacherous hike so you can witness firsthand the grandeur of the area in an afternoon instead of investing weeks in the process.

The whole of Canaima National Park is something to behold, whether you wish to see Angel Falls or Mount Roraima in your travels, or make a point to explore both areas. The park itself has plenty of other sights including other waterfalls, Indian villages, lagoons and unique wildlife that make it an attraction unto itself. If you are visiting the area, this Venezuela attraction is well worth a look as it is steeped both in history and the culture of a people. And remember, where else can you see magnificent rock formations that old? That’s right, nowhere!