7 Most Interesting Space Needle Facts

Space Needle FactsSpace Needle is the iconic landmark located in Seattle, Washington that soars 605 ft into the sky. It’s been ranked among the top four tallest towers of its class in North America along with the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada; Sears Tower in Chicago, IL and Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s one of the undeniable symbols of Seattle, Washinghton just like the Eiffel Tower is synonymous with the capital of France, Paris. Visiting the famous Tower is one of the most popular things to do in Seattle, Washington and despite its fast elevators that travel at a speed of almost 10 miles per hour, expect to wait in line for an average for one hour if you want to see its popular observation deck located at 520 ft off the ground.

Below we present some very interesting Space Needle facts that will help make your next visit to Seattle more enjoyable:

1. According to well known Space Needle facts, the Tower was constructed in 1962 in honor of the World Fair that Seattle was hosting back then. As a result an estimated number of 10 million visitors came to Seattle.

2. Space Needle facts have that the Tower was designed in the most famous theme of the 1960’s, the space theme. Thanks to collaboration of two American architects, the “flying saucer” suspended on a tower was finally reached after heated debates between the architects, John Graham, Jr. and Edward Carlson.

3. One of the challenges in the construction of the Tower was to create a structure that can withstand strong gusty winds, earthquakes under 9 point magnitudes and even hurricanes. The Tower experienced its real endurance test in 2001 during one of the strongest earthquakes in the area that was registered at almost 7 points on the Richter scale. The structure did not experience any damages and the only unusual happening that took place during the earthquake was water spilling out of toilet bowls.

4. The Tower is home to one of the best restaurant in the Nation, Skyline Restaurant that has won plenty of honorary awards since its opening in the year 2000 for the best view, best cuisine, best party venue and other features. The restaurant makes a full 360 degree turn every 45 minutes enabling its visitors catch incredible views of the mountains and the Elliot Bay.

5. Many celebrities have frequented the Needle Tower and its former and present restaurants over the years, including Elvis Presley, Michael Douglas, Demi Moore and an endless list of musicians, sports figures and even world renowned politicians.

6. A lot of famous movies showed the Needle Tower such as “It Happened at the World Fair” with Elvis Presley, Frasier sitcom and many others.

7. Due to less known Space Needle facts the famous Seattle attraction was featured in a number books including 1974 children’s book titled “Wheedle on the Needle” that told a story of a fictional character who resided in the Tower and made its lights beam.

Seattle’s famous Space Tower is not the only popular attraction in the city, consider paying a visit to Kea Arena Seattle that hosts many sports, concerts, performances and even ice shows on its grounds.

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