7 Reasons To Visit Amakhala Game Reserve

Amakhala Game ReserveVisiting Amakhala Game Reserve is your chance to go back to the beginning, to forget about stress and chaos of the modern world and discover the primal world of South Africa.

Read below to find out 7 reasons to go to the Amakhala Game Reserve:

1. Recognized Service – This private game reserve has received multiple awards and has been recognized as a fair and responsible trader of the South African tourism. Amakhala game reserve offers unique day and night South African Safari tours so the visitors can fully appreciate nocturnal and diurnal representatives of South African fauna.

2. Fun and Educational Fauna Exploration – Open Landrovers driven by professional rangers will guide you through untamed wilderness of South Africa so you can encounter giraffes, lions, rhinos, buffalos, zebras, cheetahs, monkeys and various species of antelopes. Some animals are shyer than the others like, for example, hyenas or bat eared fox and are harder to spot but still worth the try.

3. Natural Animal Habitat – Coming to the Amakhala Game Reserve is a rare opportunity to watch African animals in their natural habitat that you are unlikely to experience visiting a Zoo, for example.

4. Unique Flora Exploration – Amakhala Game Reserve presents 5 major South African vegetation types that are fun to explore and compare ranging from bushveld to savannah with their characteristic plants and habitat.

5. Luxurious Lodging Accomodations – At the end of the day you can kick back at the Amakhala Game Reserve 5-star lodges that will let you experience African retreat with a touch of luxury with private terraces, air conditioning and many more amenities that are sure to make your African Safari stay very comfortable. If you are feeling rather adventures, stay at classic expedition style tented camps that will make you feel like a courageous South African explorer. The tented camps are perfect rustic settings with a modern spin to elevate your Safari experience.

6. Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff – Once you take a step on the grounds of Amakhala Game Reserve, rest assured that every request or concern you might have will be regarded with utmost care and respect. Knowledgeable safari rangers will take you for a drive around South African bush land and help you learn amazing facts about animals that call game reserve their home. Private butlers are also available that will personally prepare and serve meals that could be enjoyed among beauty and wilderness of South Africa.

7. Amazing Volunteer Opportunities – If you like the Safari Game Reserve, you can stay there by signing up for the open volunteering positions. This will open amazing opportunities for students and animal researches to be fully submerged into the heart of South African Game Reserve. You can choose among conservation or community development work at Amakhala Game Reserve. You will be in charge of various tasks like animal tracking, breeding monitoring, rehab projects and facility maintenance.

Additionally, you can arrange to visit Addo Elephant Park that is located in close proximity to the private game reserve. Or visit Kruger National Park for unforgettable memories for you and your family that will stay with you forever.