7 Reasons to Visit Tulum Mayan Ruins

Tulum Mayan Ruins1. The Beach – The Tulum Mayan ruins includes a private beach which is beautiful, and surrounding cliffs that are towering and dramatic. No visit to the Mayan ruins is complete without a trip down to the beach, where the Mayan ships used to leave on and come back from historic global travels.

2. The City Square – The City Square is the part of the center of the city focus when this walled city was still active, and is part of numerous Mayan tours. It is believed that this square held important religious significance for the Mayans, and that the rituals were held here.

3. Beautiful Weather Most of The Year – The Tulum Mayan ruins are located in some of the most scenic landscapes, with tropical weather almost all year round. Tulum rentals are very popular, because after you have visited the ruins you can enjoy all the other sights that this area of Mexico has to offer.

4. The Wall and Castle – The Wall is a very popular attraction for visitors to the Tulum Mayan ruins. The wall surrounds the remains of the city, and is very close to the Castle. The Castle is one of the places in the ruins that you must see, and that is easy because it is the tallest out of all the ruin structures. You can look out for miles, seeing the sea and the shoreline.

5. Temples – The temples and Mayan pyramids in the ruins are astonishing and numerous. Religion played a large role in ancient Mayan life and culture, and this is apparent by the number of temples and the work and artistry that were put into these buildings. Elaborate carvings and designs are everywhere.

6. The Kukulcan Group – One of the most notable structure groups in the Tulum Mayan ruins is the Kukulcan Group. There are different structure styles present in the group of ruins in this area, and the Castle is slightly to the south of this group.

7. Close To Many Other Attractions – Tulum Mayan ruins are very conveniently situated. You can stay in Playa del Carmen hotels, choose lodging at Tulum, or pick a place in Quintana Roo, and still reach the ruins in a very reasonable amount of time.