7 Reasons To Visit Valley of The Kings in Egypt

Valley of the Kings in Egypt1. See The Ancient Artwork – The Valley of the Kings in Egypt is full of exquisite artwork dating back many years. Birds, animals, important leaders, and other drawings and paintings are elaborate and beautifully done. Your Luxor holidays would not be complete without a glimpse at some of the ancient artwork this attraction offers.

2. Explore The Interior Of The Many Tombs – There are at least sixty two known tombs in the valley, full of fascinating Egyptian archeology and history. Some of the more famous tombs discovered in the valley include that of King Tut and Ramses. Not all of the tombs can be accessed, and even some of the open tombs may be closed for restoration reasons.

3. Wonder Over The Exquisite Hieroglyphics – A number of the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt contain elaborate hieroglyphics, often detailing the history of the pharaoh or other individual entombed. Some of the chambers may be almost completely covered with hieroglyphics and ancient drawings, and these are extremely exciting to see.

4. See Unique Structures – There are a number of tombs and other structures in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. This valley offers sights and experiences that can be just as awe inspiring as the Egyptians pyramids and other wonders. Structures vary in condition, but some are still very well maintained and are in excellent condition after hundreds of years.

5. Learn About Ancient Egyptian History – When you visit Egypt there is a fascinating history that can be learned. Ancient civilizations performed amazing feats, and there are many historic locations in the valley. Almost all of the hotels in Luxor can help you arrange a tour of this area, and you can also take a personal tour without a guide if you choose. The depth of historical information available is enormous.

6. Modern Upgrades Make The Tombs And Attractions Safe And Exciting – There have been many restorations and modern additions in some areas of the valley to improve safety, without causing any damage or loss of your experience. In some tombs in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt electric lighting has been added, so you can see better and do not have any safety risks while touring.

7. Different Designs And Lavish Interiors – There are many individuals buried in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, and they range from Egyptian pharaohs to lesser nobles, and even private burials which may not belong to any Egyptian nobility. These will all have varying designs and degrees of decoration, ranging from sparse to opulent.