7 Reasons Why Lae Papua New Guinea Is a New Tourist Mecca

Lae Papua New Guinea1. The Rainforest Habitat – Lae Papua New Guinea is a common starting point for rainforest tours, and there is also a Papua New Guinea rainforest habitat exhibit which includes numerous native animals and birds. New Guinea is known as a tropical paradise, and the rainforest draws in many tourists each year from all over the world.

2. Fantastic Scuba Diving – The South Pacific islands are surrounded by turquoise waters which are warm, clear, and full of beautiful fish and other forms of marine life. Papua New Guinea scuba diving is recognized as some of the best anywhere around the globe, and many visitors come to this city just to enjoy the opportunities for scuba diving that are available.

3. Excellent Fishing – The game fishing in Lae Papua New Guinea is also excellent, and a common reason for tourists to come to the city. The warm waters hold an amazing variety of game fish, some quite large. Tuna and other sport fishing species are abundant in the area around the city and the islands.

4. The Amazing Scenery – The lush scenery you will find in Lae Papua New Guinea is exquisite. It is quickly obvious that the entire area is a tropical paradise, with fragrant tropical flowers and many varied plants that thrive in the climate.

5. Second Largest City in New Guinea – Lae Papua New Guinea is the second largest and most important city in the entire country, and this is where most tourists arrive in New Guinea from other places. The size of the city means that you will find modern conveniences as well as the culture and natural beauty that you are looking for.

6. Resorts and Hotels To Fit Almost Any Budget – The popularity of scuba diving locations in New Guinea means that there are many hotels and resorts to choose from in Lae. Papua New Guinea resorts have prices which can range widely, so no matter what your budget is you will be able to find a room or suite that fits these parameters.

7. Many Restaurants and Local Attractions – The number of shops, restaurants, and other local attractions in Lae Papua New Guinea is astonishing. This city is a perfect way to experience the culture and natural tropical landscape without losing any of the conveniences of home.