7 Secrets of Red Sea with Sharm El Sheikh Diving

Sharm El Sheikh Diving1. The Shark and Yolanda Reefs – The Shar Reef and Yolanda Reef combined are one of the secrets of Sharm El Sheikh diving. No matter why you visit Egypt, diving these reefs will give you a whole new perspective on beauty and serenity. Watch sharks and other seldom seen sea creatures swim through the area.

2. Ras Mohamed National Park – Ras Mohamed National Park is one of the most popular scuba diving locations in Egypt, one that many divers try to keep secret so there are no crowds. This underwater area is full of strong currents and a high oxygen saturation level, so there is a very diverse variety of plant and animal life to be seen.

3. Jackson Reef – Sharm El Sheikh diving should always include a dive in the Jackson Reef area, because this is one of the secret areas that many return divers enjoy. Shipwrecks and colorful tropical fish and larger animals create an underwater landscape which is incredible, and must be seen to be believed.

4. Thistlegorm – Sharm El Sheikh diving should include a look at the Thistlegorm dive site, an area that includes a large shipwreck from World War II. You will be astonished at the vast display of antique equipment and machinery that went down with the ship, and the plants and animals in this area are also extremely abundant. The wreckage provides the perfect cover for schools of beautiful fish, and exploring the site is a unique and thrilling experience.

5. Ras Zatar – The Club Reef in Sharm El Sheikh is an excellent resort to stay at if you want to visit Ras Zatar, a diving secret of the Red Sea of incredible beauty. This location is a favorite for Egypt diving holidays for those who have seen or know about it. A large assortment of corals, the reef wall, and the amazing variety of large fish and marine species make Ras Zatar a great place to dive and explore.

6. Gordon Reef – The Gordon Reef is an ideal place for Sharm El Sheikh diving, and there is a shipwreck from 1981 in this location. This reef also offers a shallow area where snorkeling can also be enjoyed, making it a perfect dive spot for any experience level.

7. Ras Ghazlani – A new site for Sharm El Sheikh diving, Ras Ghazlani has only been open for a much shorter time than other areas, and is still somewhat of a secret to many. Clownfish, anemones, and many varieties of corals make this area a fantastic place to go if you enjoy underwater exploration and beauty.