7 Things To Do in Harriman Bear Mountain State Park

Harriman Bear Mountain State ParkHarriman Bear Mountain State Park is actually two separate parks that border each other. Harriman State Park is the second largest park in New York and covers nearly 47,000 acres. Harriman borders the smaller 5,000 acre Bear Mountain State Park. This is a favorite destination for New York and New Jersey residents. Below is a list of most popular things to do in Harriman Bear Mountain State Park.

1. Harriman Bear Mountain State Park Hiking – Harriman State Park hiking trails are some of the best on the East coast. There are over 200 miles of trails including the world famous Appalachian Trail that covers over 2,000 miles through 14 states. Trails range from easy to strenuous.

2. Extreme Mountain Biking – There are several steep mountain bike trails that are reserved for the adrenaline seeking set. Be sure to pack a helmet and a first aid kit with you. There are more reserved biking tours available as well.

3. Swimming – Harriman Bear Mountain State Park has several lakes that are great for swimming. Lake Sebago and Lake Tiorati are some of the more popular swimming spots within the park.

4. Boating – There are over 30 lakes in Harriman Bear Mountain State Park with several that have boat launches. You’ll enjoy the scenic views and wildlife from the deck of your boat.

5. Camping – There are several camping spots that are great for individual and group camping. People can also reserve cabins.

6. Ice Fishing – During the winter months Harriman Bear Mountain State Park is a favorite spot for ice fishing. Its best to consult with park officials on the fishing season dates and license requirements.

7. Cross Country Skiing – The fresh snow turn the hundreds of miles of hiking trails within Harriman Bear Mountain State Park into great cross country skiing trails.