7 Things To Do on Carnival Cruise To Bahamas

Carnival Cruise to BahamasA Carnival Cruise to Bahamas provides the opportunity to build memories that will last a life time. Whether you’re an adrenaline junky and want to try out the most radical activities on the islands, relax and soak up some sun, or even get hitched during a Carnival cruise wedding ceremony, there’s plenty to do or not do on a Carnival cruise to Bahamas.

Many of the cruise guests going to Bahamas choose Carnival cruise from Port Canaveral in Florida. The ports in Bahamas are Freeport, Nassau, and Half Moon Cay. Below we break down 7 different activities to do on a Carnival cruise to Bahamas.

1. Blue Water Snorkeling and Beach – This excursion lasts almost four hours and provides guests with world-class snorkeling, a catamaran boat for transport, and a white sand beach for all kinds of fun.

2. Freeport Kayak and Nature Experience – Paddle your way through the Lucayan National park and then take a stroll through the forest. Guests will see a wide variety of species in their natural habitats. Then enjoy lunch on the beach. You even have an opportunity to ride a glass-bottom kayak so you can see colorful coral reef marine life right under you.

3. Atlantis Resort Aquaventure – You’ll be able to explore up close and personal the 141 acres of the resort and get a look at the 50,000 plus sea creatures. You’ll also be able to enjoy water sports and the towering Mayan Temple water slides!

4. Deep Water Dolphin Swim – Swim alongside dolphins with your motorized underwater hand scooter. You’ll also be able to experience the thrill of being propelled through the water by a dolphin on your boogie board.

5. Watersports Adventures – What’s a Carnival cruise to Bahamas without riding some watercraft and ripping up the waves! You’ll be able to experience Half Moon Cay while navigating your very own watercraft.

6. Deep Sea Fishing – Search for the “Big One” on this deep sea fishing adventure.

7. Cabana Rental on Half Moon Cay – Rent a cabana and chill out the entire day.