7 Things to Know About Yacht Charter Tenerife

Yacht Charter TenerifeChartering a yacht anywhere in the world can be an experience of a lifetime but a yacht charter Tenerife experience will leave visitors amazed and coming back for more vacations year after year.

Below is a list of the important things to know about Tenerife yacht charter experience:

1. It is a year round experience. Similar to the car rental Tenerife experience, yacht charters can be booked year round. The island of Tenerife is a warm sun destination that provides an excellent climate for chartering all year round. The sun is warm and inviting and the weather is rarely compromised. The warmth draws tourists especially during the winter season because of the warmth.

2. A yacht charter Tenerife offers views to remember. Don’t forget your camera while touring through the island, the volcanic mountain ranges and snow capped peaks are an amazing backdrop to the crystal blue waters. The landscape is lush and beautiful.

3. Travel with or without a skipper. For those experienced, yacht charter Tenerife vacations may include chartering a boat with or without an expert skipper. The cost varies but if you are less experienced a skipper is a must for your yacht charter tour.

4. Packages are available. When staying at the Callao Garden Tenerife resort apartments, yacht packages are available and can be combined with the resort stay.

5. Plan to see sea life! Sea life is operating in its natural habitat with or without you, so to be aboard a luxury yacht and watch dolphins play games in the ocean is just a bonus to your yacht charter Tenerife experience.

6. Life-jackets are always included. There is no need to bring your own, life-jackets are stocked on board for as many people as are traveling.

7. Bedding and towels are provided. There is also no need to bring your own bedding or towels as the yacht charter will provide all of the necessary amenities. On some luxury yachts you may even feel yourself like in a Oasis Golf Resort Tenerife hotel.

A yacht charter Tenerife is a one of a kind experience that will provide memories for a lifetime. Be prepared and enjoy your time aboard one of the most luxurious boats in the sea.