7 Things To Remember Before Climbing The Matterhorn

Climbing The MatterhornThe Matterhorn is a high mountain in the Pennine Alps on the Switzerland and Italian boarder. It has a summit of nearly 15,000 feet making it one of the tallest in the Alps. Climbing the Matterhorn has become a popular activity with expert climbers as it attracts people from all over the world attempting to master this challenging climb. Climbing the Matterhorn is definitely Swiss Alps hiking at its most skilled, exhilarating, and dangerous. Here are a few things to remember before climbing the Matterhorn:

1. Get In Shape – This is no leisurely walk in the park. Strength and cardiovascular training prepare your body for the rigors of the steep climb and high altitude.

2. Get A Physical Checkup – Going to the doctor for a checkup should be at the top of your list. You don’t want to be 10,000 feet up when you find out you have a medical condition not allowing you to be that high.

3. Have The Right Gear – Whether you’re climbing Kilimanjaro, Himalayan, Alps or the foothills in your hometown you need to have the proper gear. Carabiners, harnesses, shoes, gloves, helmets, rope, cord, camming devices, and resin and just some of the things you’ll need to make the climb achievable and safe.

4. Route Your Climb – The most common route to the top of Matterhorn is via the Hornli ridge, which is located on the northeast side. Carefully plan out your route in advance to minimize any surprises.

5. Go With A Team – Climbing the Matterhorn should be a team effort. No matter how skilled you are you should never attempt a difficult climb on your own. In fact, whether you’re planning a Swiss Alps snowboarding trip or hiking trip, the team concept makes it more fun and safe.

6. Stay Hydrated – Drink plenty of water before your trip to avoid muscle cramps. Start hydrating at least 48 hours prior to your climb, and pack plenty of water with you.

7. Raise Your Awareness – Check out any snow so as to not trigger an avalanche and also know where your climbing partners are at all times.