7 Things To Remember Before Going on Yosemite White Water Rafting

Yosemite White Water RaftingYosemite white water rafting trips are some of the most popular vacations in the world, and can provide a lifetime of memories. Yosemite vacation packages are affordable for people on a fixed budget as there are many to choose from with a wide range of amenities. To make your Yosemite white water rafting vacation a great experience here’s a list of 7 things to remember before going on a Yosemite rafting trip.

1. Cover the logistics of the trip – Route your trip well in advance and know where you will enter and exit the river.

2. Check out the ratings of the rapids ahead of time – Rapids are rated on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the biggest. If you’re a novice at rafting then it’s probably not a good idea to try and negotiate your way through a 4 or 5. Check for alternative routes by talking with a park ranger ahead of time.

3. Pack the right clothes – Make sure to pack some rain gear. There’s nothing more miserable than sitting on a raft in a rainy day soaked to the bone. Make sure to bring clothes for day and a warm set for the night, but don’t bring too many clothes.

4. Test your raft – Yosemite white water rafting trips can be short lived if your raft is not in working order. Check to make sure it’s good to go before you leave.

5. If you’re a newbie hire an expert – If you’re a first timer then have a tour guide go along with you. They provide excellent information, tips, and rafting skills.

6. Reserve a Yosemite View lodge – After your Yosemite white water rafting adventure is done you can enjoy the view of the river you just conquered by staying at one of the lodges with a view. You worked hard whitewater rafting the American river now it’s time to pamper yourself.

7. Plan out meals – A simple light breakfast, snacks for the day, and a warm meal at night is all you’ll need.