7 Tips for Alaska Kenai Fjords Kayaking

Kenai Fjords KayakingKenai Fjords tours open up spectacular Alaskan landscape that had been continuously shaped by earthquakes, ocean storms and glaciers for centuries. Kenai fjords kayaking is a great way to get in close to an abundance of Alaskan marine life.

Kenai Fjords National Park is a perfect playground for a true nature and outdoor enthusiast offering multiple hiking and kayaking Alaska tours.

We would like to suggest some tips that you may find helpful for Kenai Fjords kayaking:

1. Kenai Fjords kayaking is safest done accompanied by an experienced guide due to rough conditions of the fjords that get exposed to the Gulf of Alaska with excessive rainfalls and strong gusty winds.

2. Seward is a small coastal town that most Kenai Fjords kayaking expeditions start from. You will need to take a water taxi or a boat to get to the Aialik Bay or Northwestern Lagoon that are considered the best kayaking areas.

3. We do not recommend you go around Aialik Cape even if you are an experienced kayaker since the waters in this area are especially turbulent and long stretches of exposed coastline do no allow for landing possibilities.

4. The best time to go Kenai Fjords kayaking is definitely the summertime, however even the summers can greet kayakers with strong winds, cold temperatures and high ocean swells.

5. Dress appropriately and bring lots of warm layers of clothing in case you get wet. Think synthetic, silk and wool fabrics that dry faster and retain warmth unlike all cotton or denim fabrics that will make you freeze when wet. Bring along a nice waterproof jacket along with a heavy pair of rain boots with several changes of socks.

6. Kayaking Kenai fjords tours is a chance to catch of glimpse of wildlife inhabiting the Alaskan coastline including sea otters, sea lions, whales, bears, mountain goats and many more. It’s the best you watch these animals from a distance and not get too close to avoid dangerous encounters.

7. Due to short Alaskan summers it is imperative you plan all your Kenai Fjords kayaking trips way in advance to ensure you are getting the best Alaska travel deals.