A Route Suggestion When Backpacking Around Europe

Backpacking Around EuropeDepending on how much time and resources a traveler has when backpacking around Europe can determine the route to take and destinations to visit. Europe can be broken into sections and explored at your own pace. The great thing about backpacking through Europe is that there are no rules, no set routes, or no fixed itineraries. You can set your own pace and change it up if you want to. This article will provide route suggestions for making the most of your time while backpacking around Europe.

Visiting the big three is one route to take when backpacking through Europe on a budget because of the many youth hostels available to backpackers. The big three include England, France, and Germany. Starting your journey in London is often the most popular starting point. Taking a train across the Channel will then lead you to Paris. The English Channel ferries are an excellent way to get around.

Another route suggestion when backpacking around Europe is the Iberian Peninsula. The warm weather and sunny conditions draw backpackers from all over the world. This is a great way to see the Parc Guell in Barcelona and move toward Madrid and the many art galleries.

Benelux is a region between Belgium and the Netherlands that has proven to be another popular route when backpacking around Europe. The area is small enough and great for the first time backpacker. Most adventurists start in Amsterdam and head south. Taking the Hull to Amsterdam ferry is also another great way to get around the area depending on which direction you are arriving from. Making the way over to Brussels is a great way to end the route. Most backpackers stock up on chocolate to be shipped home.

No matter where you want to begin, backpacking around Europe can end with memories and adventures to last a lifetime.