Africa Travel Guide

Maasai Tribe, KenyaThe main goal of our Africa travel guide is to dissipate an unfortunate misconception of the continent that is believed by many people to be dangerous to visit due to war lord crimes, civil unrest and unthinkable poverty. While certain areas of Africa are indeed plagued by famine and wars, overall Africa is a continent of 54 diverse and incredibly friendly countries that are eager to share their amazing nature, hospitality and incredible adventures with all their guests. If you are willing to step out of the common cliché that is so eagerly associated with Africa travel and try some of the most unique experiences like trekking through jungles inhabited by gorillas, meeting pigmy villagers, safari camp or sampling the most exotic food offerings imaginable, hurry up and book one of Africa tours.

African continent is divided into 6 main regions by their geographical position. All of these are boasting arresting landscapes, unique animals and the most amazing attractions centered on Africa’s past and present. The first origins of human civilizations were found in the Central region of Africa, in Ethiopia. Africa with ancient archaeological sites and tribal culture to explore, safari adventures to try, trekking and mountain climbing opportunities coupled with shark diving in the Indian Ocean makes for one heck of a continent to explore.

When deciding when to book your African tours, it’s important to keep in mind that dry season is the best time to go because monsoon season results in impassable muddy roads that most definitely take the fun out of your Africa travel adventures. Because African continent is divided by the equator into two, depending where you go the monsoon seasons might be directly opposite from one another.

Egypt, North AfricaNorth Africa is one of the most visited regions that is surrounded by North Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and Red Sea. This part of Africa is also home to the largest country on the continent, Algeria and the largest desert on earth, Sahara, and it’s where the longest river in the world, Nile, empties into the Mediterranean Sea.

Egypt is the country that needs no introduction, its cultural riches and attractions are one of the best in the world drawing hordes of guests annually. It’s also the birthplace of the first outstanding civilization that left an unbelievable imprint in the history of the world and supplied us with essential knowledge of the universe. Only here tourists can witness incredible pyramids, vast landscapes surrounding the Nile River, ride camels across the dessert and dive in the Mediterranean and Red Sea. Among the best tourist highlights, our Africa travel guide suggests you see the pyramids of Giza and Sphinx near Cairo. While in Cairo, do not miss the incredible Egyptian museum that displays a vast collection of Egyptian antiquities and truly rare pieces. If you have more time on your hands, head straight to majestic Alexandria that has even more castles and historical sites for you to visit. And, of course, the Valley of the Kings and temples in Luxor are the top attractions in the country. Beyond cultural attractions, visitors love desert adventures, Nile River cruises and Red Sea all-inclusive resorts providing timeless memories.

Morocco located merely a few hours away from the comforts and certainties of major European destinations offers a completely different set of amenities and attractions and provides guests with overwhelming experiences that could only be achieved in Africa. Since it’s easy to get lost in the winding streets of Morocco, our travel guide offers our favorite destination picks. Marrakesh with its busy and over the top exotic market place and minarets are easily the best place to be along with authentic imperial city of Fes boasting the medieval beauty of its souks (markets), city squares and mosques.

Timbuktu Mali, West AfricaWest Africa is identified as a region in the western part of the African continent that contains approximately 16 sovereign countries and the historical cradle of two major African Empires, namely, Mali and Ghana.

Ghana is a very much westernized part of Africa blessed by miles of gorgeous Atlantic coast beaches and European castles, the remnants of the European African slave trading past.

Mali is a mysterious and culturally rich country in Western Africa that has always attracted explorers seeking to learn more about its ancient cultures. Among our top picks in Mali visitors must visit the Timbuktu city, one of the essential desert trading routes since the medieval times. It has not lost its allure and now attracts visitors to marvel at its century’s old structures and archaeological sites.

Senegal is known for its beaches and culinary attractions drawing European and Northern American tourists. Its capital Dakar is a bustling African capital offering nonstop entertainment, former slave trading houses to explore and multicultural market places to visit. According to many travel guide experts, very often Senegal is synonymous with “Africa for beginners” as a way of introducing first time Africa visitors to the shocking culture of the continent.

Gabon, Central AfricaCentral African region is the heart of the continent that is believed to provide the most authentic experience of the continent, not for the “weak of heart”.

Central African Republic is for you if you are a true explorer and adventurer at heart. If you do not mind lack of basic comforts and conveniences and are eager to mingle with local people and backpack through the country, you will be rewarded by breathtaking beauty of the Dzanga-Sangha National Park with real life encounters with elephants, gorillas and other creatures of African wildlife. Chutes de Boali is certainly not Victoria Falls but nonetheless impressive during the rainy season.

Angola that had been ravaged by the war for many years is now slowly coming out of the tourist slumber; however, only true travel junkies dare to explore its poorly organized tourist destination. Kissama National Park and Mussulo Island in the capital Luanda are some of the top attractions here.

Gabon is one of Africa’s richer countries and home to “The Last Eden” Loango National Park that has gathered almost all African wildlife species on one territory, including apes, elephants and even whales near its coast.

Tanzania, East AfricaEast Africa opens the most desirable safari destinations on the continent where guests can spot the “big five” and a place of beautiful Indian Ocean beaches.

Tanzania is a country of the most well known attraction on the continent that we have all heard about, Lake Victoria. Whether you head to the beachy Zanzibar or decide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, or perhaps choose safari tours at Tanzania’s largest Serengeti National Park, you will not fall short on memories.

Kenya is packed with an incredible set of natural attractions ranging from beautiful Indian Ocean beaches to Tsavo National Park and Maasai Mara safaris and favorite among outdoorsmen Great Rift Valley. Some travel guides recommend you avoid its capital Nairobi that some even call “Nairobbery” due to high level of robbery instances.

Southern Africa is one of the most spectacular regions on the continent, home to one of the world most beautiful waterfalls, Victoria Falls, located on the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe and miles of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean coastlines.

Cape Town, South AfricaSouth Africa. If you could pick just one country to visit in Africa, this would be it, packing so much diversity and beauty as if trying to jam-pack all of the African wonders on its territory. Among country’s top notch attractions are without a doubt Kruger National Park showcasing just about any specie of flora and fauna on its territory. Watch the “big five” during a plethora of safari explorations, camp in the African wilderness and learn interesting facts from Bushmen. Visit the epic Table Mountain in Cape Point and dive into the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the South African metropolis Cape Town.

Namibia is one of the youngest countries in Africa blessed with gorgeous coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean, vastness of the Kalahari and Namib deserts with picturesque Sossusvlei Dunes, and diverse wildlife that you can witness at a number of picturesque National Parks like in Etosha National Park. Fish River National Park is another spectacular National Park that offers the best hiking, camping and hot springs bathing in the world.

Madagascar is one of the largest islands in the world located off the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Due to island’s isolated geographical location, over 90% of its flora is absolutely unique to the island and cannot be located anywhere else on the planet. The animal inhabitants of the island are quite unique as well like the widely recognized ring tailed lemur featured in a popular animated movie Madagascar. Tsingy de Bemaraha is one of World’s Heritage sites showcasing incredible flora of the island, here you can also spot brown lemurs and rare birds. Avenue of the Baobabs is a paradise for any photographic enthusiasts displaying a long row of rare baobab and other tree species that are hundreds of years of age.

The last word of warning from our travel guide before you pull the trigger and book your African tours is to make sure you are up to date with your current vaccinations. Moreover, some African countries require you have a yellow fever vaccine before you are allowed entry into the country.