Alaska Kenai Fjords Tours – What To Expect?

Kenai Fjords ToursWhether you have a day or a few to spare, Kenai Fjords tours can accommodate all your vacation needs and wants. You can choose from a vast selection of the tours that will take you to places of astounding beauty and showcase the bounty of Alaskan wildlife. During your Kenai fjords tours you will come to close encounters with whales, dolphins, sea otters, grizzly bears, foxes and amazing species of bird life.

Both Kenai Fjords National Park and Seward town in Alaska are fantastic starting points for many Kenai Fjords tours.

In early morning hours tourists take cruise boats and set off for majestic Alaska tours. Along the way you will be greeted by towering Alaska glaciers and spot some of the most amazing animals that call Kenai Fjord their home. Step off at the Fox Island where you can feast on all you can eat wild Alaskan salmon lunch to savor true flavors of Alaska.

If you would like to take special interest Kenai Fjords tours, Captain Choice tour is just for you. Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts will have rare opportunities to take photos of amazing Alaskan whales, sea lions, puffin birds and many more.

In case you would like to try kayaking and explore Alaskan landscapes and wildlife up-close, try amazing Kenai Fjords kayaking tours. Professional kayak guides will accompany your group along the way to ensure safety of all tourists. Most Kenai Fjords Kayaking trips take from 3 to 6.5 hours and are usually followed by a fine meal of grilled salmon and crab served at the Fox Island Lodge.

It’s essential you reserve your spot for Kenai Fjords tours in advance to ensure availability and get the best Alaska travel deals.