Amsterdam Red Light District: Myths and Facts

Amsterdam Red Light DistrictThe infamous Amsterdam Red Light District has been welcoming its visitors from all over the world ever since the prostitution became legal in Netherlands in 2001. Netherlands is the country widely known for very much laid back attitude towards recreational drugs and, frankly, love for sale. Netherland State officials thought it was better to legalize the industry of prostitution and allow it to legally contribute taxes into the state budget.

It’s perhaps one of the most commonly recommended hot spot among Amsterdam tourist attractions for single tourists and couples. In this article we try to debunk the most common myths that might come to mind while planning your things to do in Amsterdam list.

Myth: Amsterdam is a place of lust and sin. Adult entertainment and marijuana smoking is virtually everywhere you look, it’s not a good place to put on your Amsterdam vacation packages list.
Facts: Absolutely not true! Adult entertainment is strictly regulated and is mostly centered in the vicinity of the Amsterdam Red Light District and a few more areas you can choose not to visit. In addition, you can be arrested by vigilant Amsterdam police if you make a bad choice of smoking marijuana in a public place. Smoking is only allowed in specially regulated cannabis coffee shops and some hotels. You should definitely ask owners before sparking up a joint to avoid heavy fines.

Myth: Amsterdam Red Light District is not a safe place, visiting it is like an invitation to be robbed or attacked.
Facts: Actually, The Red Light District has to be one of the safest places you can visit in the entire world due to constant police patrolling the vicinity surrounding it. Majority of sex workers have private bodyguards on staff to insure their safety and safety of the customers.

Myth: It’s all about prostitution and peep shows in the Amsterdam Red Light District.
Facts: Well, it’s partially true but not entirely correct since Amsterdam Red Light District is home for hundreds of businesses like restaurants, bars, shops and is situated in the most beautiful historical district of the city that is worth visiting for the architectural beauty. Come here during the day before 8pm and enjoy walking through some of the most architecturally valued buildings and structures.

Visiting Amsterdam is so much more than love for sale and drugs; we hope you can truly appreciate this majestic old European city by checking out ferry trips to Amsterdam and other fantastic Amsterdam attractions.