Amsterdam Tourist Attractions To Visit in One Day

Amsterdam Tourist AttractionsIf you are looking for the perfect Amsterdam tourist attractions to see in just one day, it is definitely worth planning ahead to help you save time and enjoy worry-free Amsterdam sightseeing.

In Netherlands famous for its large flower industry one of the best things to do in Amsterdam to start off your busy sightseeing day is visiting Aalmeer Flower Auction that is held in the world’s largest commercial building. Located in close proximity to the airport it’s a great place to visit and see how flowers are sold to vendors all over the world. Flower auctions start promptly at 6:30 am every business morning; however, visitors are allowed only starting at 7:30 am. Do not miss this world famous Flower Auction because it accounts for one third of flower sales in the world.

Next, choose among multiple museum Amsterdam tourist attractions that Netherlands is famous for like, for example, Anne Franks House, Van Gogh Museum or the largest Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The choice is all yours, however, account for possible long wait times while planning your Amsterdam vacation packages, especially during high travel season.

Save the night for a very special tour around the infamous Red Light District where nothing is forbidden and you can unleash your wildest fantasies. Located in Amsterdam’s beautiful historical district the place starts booming around 8pm with a variety of night clubs, bars, restaurants, live sex show, adult entertainment joints and many more. Do not let the embarrassment drive you away from this amazing experience since everyone except, perhaps, underage individuals are welcome in the Red Light District. Red Light District is continuously topping the hottest Amsterdam tourist attractions lists.

Staying in a centrally located hotel is very important to make your short stays in Amsterdam convenient and efficient. Choose a 4-star Banks Mansion Amsterdam Hotel that is always among the top picks of major travel agencies due to its exquisite architectural design, unsurpassed service and unbeatable location. Set in the heart of Amsterdam Rembrandtplein, the famous entertainment square in the center of the city, it is an ideal location for exploring the city in one day. This place is a great area to hang out with lots of bars and dance houses to tailor any needs and wants. Close proximity to public transportation makes it the ultimate Hotel to stay at while visiting Amsterdam tourist attractions.