Arashiyama Kyoto Review

Arashiyama KyotoArashiyama Kyoto is a smaller town that lies on the Oi River, and this town has a number of attractions and historical sites which draw visitors from all around the world. There are many shrines and temples from centuries past to explore, including the Tenryu-ji Temple which is listed as a World Heritage Site. There are also many Kyoto Ryokan in this area of Japan as well, for a traditional Inn experience in this country. The mountain backdrop and Togetsu-kyo, or Moon Crossing Bridge, give the area a natural beauty that is exceptional. There is a wide variety of Kyoto hotels, restaurants, and shops to explore and many interesting and historical sites and attractions to visit.

One of the more popular attractions in Arashiyama Kyoto is the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, located just outside of town. There is also the Arishiyama Wild Monkey Park, where it is possible for tourists and locals to feed the wild monkeys during much of the year. In the fall the monkeys do not come down frequently to be fed though, because the mountains offer plenty of natural food. The colors and foliage in the Fall make Arashiyama Kyoto a popular destination during this season even without wild monkeys, and it is possible to take a bout sightseeing tour along the river. The Torroko train offers a scenic ride through the mountains in the spring and summer for visitors who want to enjoy the natural splendor of the region, but the train is closed during the fall and winter seasons.

In Arashiyama Kyoto it is still possible to find traditional Geisha, and taking pictures with these historical Japanese women are available for a small fee. Most of the Japan tours that cover the Kyoto area include Arashiyama, because of everything offered. Ponds and lakes dot the landscape, and the area has a tranquility which is very relaxing most of the time. In certain seasons and at certain times of the year Arashiyama Kyoto may see an increase in crowds and the pace can be a little hectic, but even then it is a terrific place to visit if you want to explore Japan.