Australia and Pacific Islands Travel Guide


Welcome to Oz. Australia has long been associated with the kangaroo, the koala or putting another shrimp on the barbie. This continent country located ‘down under’ is an interesting mix of outback and cities, endemic mammals and natural beauty allowing those traveling to Australia a great vacation experience.

Sydney is home to one of the most famous of all Australia tourist attractions in the Sydney Opera House which is located in Sydney Harbour. Also in the popular harbor is the Sydney Harbour Bridge where tourists can go under, go over or climb up to get spectacular views of the city. Bondi Beach and Botany Bay National Park are also popular attractions in the city.

Melbourne on the southern coast also has a popular Australia tourist attraction in the amazing Great Ocean Road. This scenic drive has rainforests, beaches, wildlife preserves and the Twelve Apostles, stone stacks that seem to rise out of the water. Melbourne is also home to Australia’s oldest zoo which houses many of the endemic mammals and reptiles of the country.

On the west coast of the continent is the city of Perth, in which travelers to Australia can visit Shoalwater Islands Marine Park to see the fairy penguins (earth’s smallest species), pelicans, sting rays, sea lions and dolphins, or take advantage of the beautiful beaches that dot the coast.

Back on the east coast is the city of Brisbane that is home to the Lone Koala Sanctuary, South Bank Parkland and Mount Coot-tha the highest peak in the city at 287 m above sea level. The mountain and surrounding area makes for another great Australia tourist attraction as people are keen to explore the bushland.

Another of the very famous Australia tourist attractions is the Great Barrier Reef where you can take boating trips, diving trips and helicopter tours of the largest reef on earth that encompasses some 2,600km. Cairns is not only the gateway to the reef but also boasts the Kuranda Skyrail, a rainforest canopy gondola tour over some of the oldest rainforest in the world.

As an island that lies off of the southeast coast of the mainland, Tasmania is a great side trip for those traveling to Australia. The wilderness of the island is a World Heritage Site and one of the more natural wonders that make up Australia’s tourist attractions, where visitors can see wildlife and beautiful rugged scenery all in the 1 million hectares of protected land. Tasmania is also home to the Freycinet National Park complete with towering granite mountains, white beaches and azure water which makes an excellent place for birding.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a country comprised of two islands that lie southeast of Australia in the South Pacific. The country is the backdrop for the popular Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies and today, those locations have become New Zealand tourist attractions in their own right.

Rotorua on the North Island is home to the Waimangu Volcanic Valley where travelers to New Zealand can take walks through craters, take a boat trip or check out the thermal formations like geysers and hot springs. The city is also home to the Takami Maori Village where tourists can learn the cultures and traditions involved with the Maori’s through games, food and hands on activities.

Auckland, also on the North Island houses a major New Zealand tourist attraction in the Hauraki Gulf which comprises 47 islands, beaches, bays and plenty of things to do. The Skytower Skywalk is a thrilling opportunity for those more adventurous travelers to New Zealand as you take to the outside observation deck some 192 meters up which has no rails, but full body harnesses and of course, fabulous views.

The capital city of the country, Wellington is also located on the North Island and houses the Museum of New Zealand which offers tourists a look into the history and culture of the nation and its people. Mount Kaukau offers those traveling to New Zealand trails, lookouts and scenery while the Wellington cable car gets visitors around to all the hotspots around town in style.

Another of the lovely New Zealand tourist attractions is on the South Island, near Christchurch is Lake Pukaki. Here visitors can stroll the edge of the lake, gaze at the magnificent blue water and see the mountains that frame the views. For adrenaline junkies there is the Adrenaline Forest, perfect for those traveling to New Zealand to try their hand at an obstacle course suspended 20 meters in the air.

Milford Sound and the Fiordlands National Park are both New Zealand tourist attractions on the South Island. The area also includes the World Heritage Site of Te Wahipounamu as part of the largest National Park in the country.

Pacific Islands

Exotic islands vacations might seem out of reach for you now but with our down to earth travel guide you will learn that your tropical getaway is just a mouse click away. Surrounded by oceans or seas, exotic islands have always enticed vacationers to step on their palm tree lined powdery sandy beaches stretching for hundreds of miles and explore their unique wildlife, natural wonders and learn a thing of two about its aboriginal cultures.

Tahiti, Bora Bora, Easter Island, Fiji, Papua New Guinea are all islands located in the South Pacific. These islands are all known for their clear waters, scuba diving locations, warm sandy beaches and for being a paradise for those vacationing there.

In the Southwestern Part of the Pacific Ocean in Oceania one will find the least tourist trotted country of Papua New Guinea. Since there’s virtually no tourist industry in this part of the world, every traveler becomes an explorer setting on the most authentic expeditions of the lifetime. Breathtaking natural wonders and some of the rarest species of plants and animals are waiting for you to be explored.

Easter Island is home to the famous stone heads, while Papua New Guinea is said to be the least explored country on earth. Both offer fabulous opportunities to explore the cultures and traditions of the native people who live there while taking in the beaches, watersports and other tourist attractions.

French Polynesia is a territory of archipelago islands under the jurisdiction of France located in the South Pacific. Among the Society Islands two islands stand out the most due to their impeccable infrastructure perfect for celebrity vacations and destination weddings.

Surprisingly, Tahiti does not possess white sandy beaches stretching for hundreds of miles at a time as one might imagine; on the contrary Tahitian beaches are volcanic black set at the backdrop of gorgeous lush forests, cascading waterfalls and rich flora and fauna. Make sure to set on an exploratory trip of the island to see Papeete’s market place, the island of Tahiti Nui and its Les Trois Cascades waterfalls and most definitely the Gauguin Museum.

Bora Bora is an island near Tahiti that offers that experience to visitors who only have to go down a spiral staircase and be in the warm ocean water. Bora Bora is one of the most expensive island destinations in the world where you can be spoilt rich in one of many overwater bungalows with breakfast being delivered to you by boats adorned with fresh flowers, lavish massages and lifestyle of the rich and famous. Nothing says paradise quite like a bungalow on stilts over the crystal clear waters below. Since the island presents itself as a volcano shaped lagoon enabling lots of exotic species of sea life to thrive, you can set on many water based activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming. If you would rather stay dry during your water explorations, try out the local Lagoonarium where you can go into a submarine and come face to face with rare turtles, sting rays and sharks.

Fiji is a tropical island in Oceania in the South Pacific between Hawaii and New Zealand. Lush tropical forests, azure waters and diverse wildlife place Fiji among the top destinations for exotic island vacations. If all you want is beaches and poolside cocktails, you will not be disappointed, however, if you are seeking much more, for your consideration you will find Mariamma Temple, the center stage for periodic cultural festivals seducing its guests with vivid colors, delicious cuisine and nerve tingling fire walking stunts. Colo–I–Suva Forest Park presents a myriad of bird species and amazing tropical plants at the most picturesque background of tropical forest, creeks and streams that will bring a Tarzan spirit in almost everyone.

Hawaii is America’s own Polynesian paradise located in the central part of the Pacific Ocean, one of the beloved destinations for exotic islands vacations. Hawaii may be a US state, but it is located in the South Pacific and offers visitors a very diverse vacation experience. The island chain has active volcanoes, coffee plantations, Pineapple groves and famous landmarks like Pearl Harbor and Diamond Head. One will find a magnitude of tourist activities varying from whale watching to shark diving, to swimming and surfing, to cultural dancing and sampling some of the tastiest island cuisines. Each of Hawaiian Islands presents its own spectrum of activities and sightseeing explorations mainly focused on incredible local flora and fauna.

The beauty and diversity of the region makes travel to Australia and its neighbors a phenomenal place to visit on any vacation. Taking a cruise from Australia to the many places of interest that surround her only heightens the whole experience.