Backpacking Through Europe on A Budget – 10 Things You Need To Remember!

Backpacking Through Europe on a BudgetBackpacking through Europe has been a favorite tourist activity for many people for a long time. It has served as a rite of passage for many young college students as they make their transition to adulthood. Backpacking around Europe is a trip that can provide memories of a lifetime if planned properly. Below is a list of 10 things you need to remember when backpacking through Europe on a budget.

1. Plan Ahead – A lot of money can be saved when you plan ahead. Check the internet, read travel books, and talk to others who have made the trip before you.

2. Pack Light – A good tip to follow is to pack what you think you need then unload half of it. Backpacking through Europe on a budget is fun, but not when you’re carrying 100 pounds of stuff with you.

3. Be Alert – Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, South America or Australia it’s always important to be alert. Criminals are looking for unaware tourists to take advantage of.

4. Read Up on Local Customs – Remember you’re not backpacking across America. Foreign customs are very different and change from country to country.

5. Travel Insurance – Having travel medical and trip insurance will make your backpacking through Europe on a budget trip much more cost effective if something does happen.

6. Stay At Hostels or Pensions – Hostels and pensions are the cheapest lodging in Europe and are very popular with backpackers. Book as far as you can in advance to get the best rates.

7. Eurail Pass – The easiest way to get around while backpacking around Europe is to have a Eurail pass. Passes are available to people who are not European citizens.

8. Carry A Valid Passport – Backpacking through Europe on a budget requires a valid passport (sometimes with visas stamped), which can take up to ten weeks or more to get if you don’t have one. You can pay for expedited service but it’s a lot more.

9. Ask For Birthday Gifts – Ask for some of your suppliers for birthday presents. This will lessen the cost of your trip even more.

10. Have A Journal – Bring a journal or a iPad to document your experiences.