Bahamas Cruise From Baltimore Review

Bahamas Cruise From BaltimoreA traditional Bahamas cruise from Baltimore begins with departing from the Chesapeake Bay. If you are familiar with this area, you know it is the hub of Maryland and one of the busiest places in the state.

Unlike a Bahamas cruise from New York, the Baltimore area is much smaller and fewer ships call this port home. Also, Maryland itself is dwarfed in comparison with New York State.

Most cruises out of Baltimore begin very early in the morning; this is to accommodate the passengers who must check in, unpack and settle in for a long journey.

The Bahamas cruise from Baltimore is somewhat lengthy and most spend their first day trying to get their sea legs and adjusting to life afloat a monster of a ship.

This is especially true if you select one of the Carnival cruises from Baltimore; they are some of the largest and most breathtaking, generally, holding a maximum capacity of well over 1500 passengers.

Royal Caribbean cruises from Baltimore are less stately, but much more grand. They are luxurious and formal with a variety of room types to choose. Many have balconies where you can sit privately and admire the beauty of the ocean.

The length of the Bahamas cruise from Baltimore varies anywhere from 7 to 8 days and depending upon the cruise line you select, you can look forward to a huge number of activities to keep you busy while you sail.

Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean International take similar routes on their way to Nassau, with a few exceptions. Their Bahamas cruise from Baltimore itineraries only differ in a few ways. For example, Carnival Cruise Lines travel from Baltimore to Port Canaveral, Florida and then on to Nassau and Freeport.

The Royal Caribbean Bahamas cruise from Baltimore, takes their passengers to Florida twice. Beginning in Baltimore, they travel to Port Canaveral, Florida and on to Coco Cay, Nassau and back to Key West, Florida until they return to Baltimore.

As you complete your research and make your selections, you should be able to discern which cruise line will best suit your needs and particular interests. Since the prices are also very comparable, it will really depend on what you want most.