Bahamas Travel Guide

The Bahamas MapThe Bahamas makes for a wonderful travel destination for the entire family. This archipelago of islands is located just off the Florida coast, and as part of the Caribbean, offers crystal clear water, warm sandy beaches and lots of opportunities for fun in the sun. Cruising to the Bahamas is a choice that many vacationers make, allowing them stops in Nassau and Freeport. If you are traveling with certain cruise lines, however you will also get stops on their private islands.

Castaway Cay is an exclusive island owned by Disney and features Disney themed activities and private getaways for children, teens and adults. Coco Cay is the island owned by Royal Caribbean and is included in their Bahamas cruises. This pristine island allows for snorkeling and diving amid shipwrecks, parasailing and a water and fun filled floating playground. These islands do a lot for Bahamas tourism as they showcase the natural beauty that can be had throughout the island chain. Half Moon Cay (Holland America), Great Stirrup Cay (Norwegian) and Princess Cay (Princess) are also only accessible on cruises with those specific lines.

One of the northern most islands in the Bahamas is Abaco, popular for boating and sailing enthusiasts, this island also offers quaint colonial towns, golf courses and beautiful beaches teeming with water sports and fishing opportunities that Bahamas travelers can enjoy away from the hustle and bustle of the larger cities.

Atlantis, BahamasGoing a little south we find ourselves in Nassau and Paradise Island, a popular cruise port destination and home to the Atlantis Resort. This amazing landmark is not only a top rated hotel and resort, but also a gem in Bahamas tourism, with their attached water park, multitudes of marine habitats and lagoons housing a myriad of marine life. The Mayan Temple shark habitat allows you to waterslide through a clear tube that runs through the shark pool and for those a little less adventurous, you can watch from the land via large windows. The Atlantis Resort’s marine habitats also allow visitors to Bahamas the chance to scuba dive with marine life and explore the underwater world.

Nassau offers tourists to the Bahamas a mini SUB adventure on personal submarine like crafts that allow you to keep your head dry and the ability to breathe in check while checking out the marine life that abounds in the area. You can also swim with dolphins in the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Close Encounter, take a glass bottom kayak ride through coral reefs and parasail on the beach.

Freeport, Grand BahamaSituated northwest from Nassau is Grand Bahama Island and its port of call, Freeport. This city boasts lovely natural attractions like The Boiling Hole. A treat for Bahamian travelers as you can watch the tide going out, resulting in cave water rushing in causing bubbles to appear on the surface. When the tide comes in again, the water rushing into the cavern system makes a whirlpool. This natural phenomenon occurs because a creek is running into a lake that has underwater caves and tunnels. This nifty tourist attraction has a boardwalk a viewing deck and a ladder if you wish to get closer to the water. It is also a great place to spot rays and baby sharks.

The Lucaya caves are also on Grand Bahama Island and are part of the Lucayan National Park system. In Ben’s Cave, freshwater sits on top of the salt water of the ocean and opens a gateway to the underwater cave system that you can scuba, once you have had certification to do so. Fossilized marine life, stalactites, stalagmites and bivalves are all waiting to be explored.

Lucaya is also known for its Garden of the Groves a tranquil and peaceful place to see exotic flowers and plants, butterflies, waterfalls and artwork.

Just off the coast of Freeport sits Peterson Cay, the Bahamas’ smallest National Park and home to exquisite coral reefs and snorkelling opportunities. Bahamian travelers can get to the island either by boat or kayak and snorkel directly from the beach. For those wanting scuba diving at its best, visit UNEXSO where they specialize in shark and dolphin dives, offer classes, certification and advanced courses for all levels of diver. You can choose to swim with the dolphins in an enclosed area or partake in an open ocean dive, and where else do you have the opportunity to dive with sharks?

Bahamas tourism is alive and well, thanks in no small part to the many cruise lines that call at its ports. With so much to do once you disembark, or the opportunity to do nothing at all once you disembark, the Bahamas has fun in the sun for every age and ability level. Whether you want to snorkel amid colorful fish and coral or lie in the sun soaking up the rays, the Bahamas can deliver. With many glorious places to explore, both on land and in the sea, the Bahamas makes for a fantastic vacation getaway.