Bali Honeymoon Itinerary – What Activities To Include?

Bali HoneymoonWhen you choose a Bali honeymoon, you are truly in for a delight. That’s because the people of Bali, Indonesia really know how to treat visitors like royalty. Honeymooners are sure to receive exceptional attention as Bali is known for true romance.

Your Bali honeymoon itinerary should be diverse. Of course you are looking for ways to be intimate with your new spouse, but there are also wonderful activities you can share.

Starting with your accommodations, Bali luxury villas are definitely the best way to make your partner feel extra special. They are so private and exclusive that you may forget about the rest of the world for a short time.

The Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel is an excellent choice. They offer 38 deluxe villas, all by the infinity pool and the views of the valley and hillside are absolutely stunning.

The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa is also top on the list of honeymoon villas. They feature a 5-star hotel and have hosted royal families, Prime Ministers and Presidents.

Bali honeymoon packages often include vila rentals so while you plan, make sure this is how your primary selections are made. A good travel agent should be able to find several all-inclusive villas that include amenities, meals and even entertainment.

Once you are ready to venture out, some of the things to do in Bali include, private beaches and all types of water sports. The Beluga Marina can help you arrange anything you like, including jet skiing and boating.

The private villas have aromatherapy spas, massages and flower baths. Fine dining is always a part of the Bali honeymoon experience and you can either make reservations for dinner or attend one of the many food festivals.

Now you can see the types of activities you can participate in during your Bali honeymoon. Hopefully, you are ready to take the next step and seal the deal. You only get married once so your honeymoon should be something you will remember for a lifetime.

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