Baobab Beach Resort Review: Pros and Cons

Baobab Beach ResortThe Baobab Beach Resort is a nice place to stay while visiting Africa, but this resort does have a few disadvantages as well as many benefits. Knowing the pros and cons before you go can help you decide whether or not this resort is the right choice for you. There is a beach located right by the resort, and the level of service you will get is very personal and above reproach. The beach does have a lot of hawkers though, and when you try to walk along it you are constantly bombarded by sellers. On the up side, some of the merchandise being offered is excellent.

Just like the Diani Beach Resort, the Baobab offers a number of pools, lounges, and restaurants to choose from. The buildings are modern and most of the rooms are very spacious. One reported con of the Baobab Beach Resort is the wildlife, because the monkeys arrive in numbers and are persistent beggars and thieves when it comes to food. The resort is conveniently located near Mombasa and is a popular place for visitors from around the world. There are a number of styles and types of rooms to choose from at the Baobab Beach Resort, almost all of which overlook the ocean and amazing landscapes.

Many visitors find the Baobab Beach Resort charming and relaxed, but there is plenty of activities to choose from if you desire. You can also indulge in spa treatments right at the resort. When you travel Kenya there are some safety precautions you need to take though, because in some areas you should not wander except in large groups when you leave the resort. The Baobab Beach Resort is modern, comfortable, and spacious, and the staff are normally very friendly and helpful. The bugs outside and the weather patterns can be considered cons by some, because there are some large varieties of spiders and other bugs in Africa, and during certain months the rainy season occurs.