Bermuda Triangle Mystery: Myths and Facts

Bermuda Triangle MysteryMyth #1: The secrets behind the Bermuda Triangle mystery are now known.

Facts: This mystery remains as unsolved today as it did one hundred years ago. Many planes, ships, and people pass through this area every day and do not experience anything unusual, but there have been reported disappearances even in recent times. This phenomenom has still not been explained scientifically.

Myth #2: There is no truth to the Bermuda Triangle stories.

Facts: The Bermuda Triangle has been the scene of many disappearances, and these vessels have never been seen again. There is no wreckage found, and no explanations for what happened. In the past the navigational equipment available was a possible cause, but modern equipment should prevent planes and ships from becoming lost on the sea.

Myth #3: Scientific research has shown the Bermuda Triangle Area is unusual.

Facts: The Bermuda Triangle mystery has never been scientifically researched in an adequate way. Because of the location and the depth of the ocean there has never been a scientific effort to set up facilities and study these phenomenon on the site.

Myth #4: The Bermuda Triangle mystery has been explained by eyewitnesses.

Facts: With all of the disappearances that have occurred within the Bermuda Triangle area, there has never been a single eyewitness to what has occurred. The closest was the crew of the Ellen Austin, which was an American schooner. This ship came across a vessel that was sailing at top speed, but there was not a single individual on board the vessel.

Myth #5: Methane gas is responsible for the Bermuda Triangle mystery.

Facts: One of the most plausible theories involving this mystery speculate that giant pockets of methane gas under the ocean floor are responsible. This gas could cause ships to sink and planes overhead to catch fire and incinerate completely. That would explain the number of people who take a Bermuda vacation are not normally affected, because the gas is released periodically.

Myth #6: The Bermuda Triangle mystery only affects single ships or planes.

Facts: The disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle include a squadron of American military bombers in the 1940s. A sixth vessel that was much larger was sent to search for the planes, and it did not return either.