Best Day Trips From Rome Locals Recommend

Day Trips from RomeThere are many excellent day trips from Rome, and the area surrounding this historic city includes a number of popular locations that are within day trip distance. Many locals recommend Pompeii tours, because these historic ruins are known around the globe. Even many children know the history of Pompeii, and what happened to the city and people when the volcano erupted. There are other day trips from Rome that come highly recommended as well, and one of these is the many tours of Tuscany that can be taken. Sorrento is also a popular attraction for visitors to Rome who want to explore outside the city.

One of the most highly recommended day trips from Rome is to the ruins of Ostia Antica. This trip is just as historic and fascinating as a visit to Pompeii, but without large crowds and with many more ruins to see. Another of the Rome Italy attractions available with a short day trip is Tivoli, and this destination includes the exquisite Villa d’Este water gardens and the Villa Adriana. Another of the most popular places to visit in Rome and the surrounding areas according to locals is Naples, or Napoli to Italians and Romans. Museums, structures that have stood for thousands of years, and a sense of history that is incredible are just a few of the things you will find in Naples.

Capri Island is one of the day trips from Rome that many visitors and locals both enjoy. To reach Capri you will need to take a boat ride, which lasts a little more than half an hour. This island is the home of Limoncello, Italian lemon liqueur, and also the Blue Grotto, a sea cave with unique properties that gives the sea water an enchanting blue glow. Florence attractions are also a top choice for side trips and day excursions. There are so many day trips possible, and so many things to do in Rome and the surrounding areas, that there are options perfect for everyone. This is true no matter where your interests and tastes lie, because this location offers something for everyone.