Brazil Cruises – Top 10 Shore Excursions!

Brazil CruisesIf you are considering Brazil cruises for your next vacation or family getaway, you’re in luck. This South American country is filled in culture and wonders for the eyes to behold. In fact, a cruise is probably one of the most relaxing ways to visit Brazil.
It’s very easy to book a cruise to Brazil from Miami or other departure ports, but you will definitely need an up to date passport or visa, so don’t forget that important step.

Now, having said that, you will want to know where to go once you arrive; the most popular are located in Rio de Janeiro. So, if you are looking for South America cruise deals, you are in luck.

The top 10 shore excursions that are part of Brazil cruises are listed below:

1. Corcovado Mountain – where the famed Christ the Redeemer statue is located. One of the main reasons people book cruises to Rio de Janeiro is to visit this historical site.

2. Sugarloaf Mountain – Another reason why people choose cruises to South America is to climb the mountain and view the city with all of its splendor.

3. Copacabana – A part of Brazil cruises because it has been made famous in songs due to the white beach and jet set crowd.

4. Ipanema – Also made into a world famous song, not just because of a girl, but because of the famous movie stars you can spot along the coast; either lying in the sun or on their yachts.

5. Leblon – Once again, a beach named in a song, but differs because it is the oldest of tourist spots. The famous have been coming here since around 1930.

6. Plataforma – Perfect for Brazil cruises because of the dance shows. When in Brazil, you must, must, must partake in the Samba. Did I mention, it’s a must?

7. Petropolis – This is where the last emperor of Brazil used to go on retreat. Spending time here includes a visit to the Imperial Museum.

8. The Rio de Janeiro Cathedral – The design is as unique as the stained-glass windows that reach over 200 feet starting from the floor and ending at the ceiling.

9. Tijuca National Park – A mountain a rainforest smack dab in the middle of Rio. It actually measures approximately 8,000 acres and has hundreds of wildlife and plants.

10. Angra dos Reis – Leave Rio de Janeiro and hop on a schooner to journey along the crystal, blue water.