Brazil Travel Guide

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, BrazilBrazil, taking up the majority of the South America‘s territory, is the biggest country of the continent boasting incredible attractions. Brazilians are perhaps the most fun loving, friendly and easygoing nations in the world that love football, samba, good food and beautiful people. Brazil is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, that’s why taking a Brazil vacation is such an incredible experience. It’s not a surprise that the country boasts some of the top natural sites scattered around this beautiful country. But some of best Brazil attractions are even ranked among New Seven Wonders of the world.

Rio De JaneiroRio De Janeiro has rightfully earned its place among the top attractions to visit during any Brazil vacation. Literally all Brazil travel guides recommend you start country’s exploration with this gem of a city. The international capital of world famous Rio Samba Festival, a.k.a. Carnival in Rio, starts shining during the samba season that lasts 2 weeks. During this time hundreds of samba blocks are illuminated by marching representatives of various samba schools flaunting their incredible outfits or lack thereof. No Brazil vacation is complete without climbing to the top of the Corcovado Mountain where the spectacular statue of Cristo Redentor sits atop. Named one of the New Seven Wonders of the world, it could be viewed by taking a funicular train or simply climbing hundreds of steps to reach the viewing area. The Sugar Loaf Mountain is the next attraction on the list of all Brazil travel guides tucked in the Guanara Bay facing the Atlantic Ocean. The Mountain is best explored from above by taking two sets of cable cars. For adventurous types, rock climbing is a great option to experience adrenaline rush. Rio beaches deserve a special praise due to a variety of their locations and wave conditions. The Brazilian beaches are great for anything from idle swimming to some of the best in the world surfing depending where you go but hands down the most popular beaches are Copacabana and Ipanema. On a rainy day in Rio head to one of many museums and art galleries including Museum of Carnival, National Museum of History, Museums of Fine and Moderns Arts to name just a few.

Though nobody doubts Rio’s popularity but make no mistake because the largest city of Brazil is still Sao Paolo, the most populous city in the country, the most diverse and culturally rich city in South America. It is also one of the wealthiest metropolises with bustling economy, cosmopolitan population and hip nightlife. Sampa as it’s called by the locals compensates its lack of natural beauty by top notch attractions including its highly rated museums and world class restaurants. Art connoisseurs will take delight in numerous museums in the city like Museums of Modern and Contemporary Arts, Instituto Tomio Ohtake and Museo do Ipiranga. Paulista Avenue slices the landscape of Sampa into the Old and New parts of the city offering modern and historical architecture, numerous shopping and recreational venues. Banespa Skyscraper building can only compete with New York’s Empire State Building with its height and the number of visitors opening breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Certainly to feel the beat of the city, you should not miss catching a Brazilian soccer match at one of four major stadiums. In addition to all of the wonderful sights the city offers, you can pick and attend one of 90,000 annual events ranging from Sao Paolo Samba Carnival, Gay Pride Parade and others.

BrasiliaBrasilia the capital of Brazil is one of the top world locations for architectural connoisseurs. Architectural wonders meet engineering masterpieces; this combination describes the capital the best. The city is literally a museum in the open air with every building resembling a futuristic design planning. Some of the top architectural points of interest in the capital include The Three Powers Square, Brasilia Cathedral and JK memorial in the honor of the late Brazilian President, Juscelino Kubitschek. Here visitors can also attend one of many annual festivals like Cinema and Japanese Festivals.

Salvador is one of the historical cities in Brazil known for its great beaches, historical heritage and Old Town rated among World Heritage Sights. A former South American slave trade center, the city has a significant ratio of African descent population to show for it. Gorgeous All Saints Bay is a major attraction in the city along with Largo do Pelourinho Plaza and Porto de Barra beaches.

Recife city situated in the northeastern part flaunts a little bit of every Brazil’s pleasures ranging from great coastal scenes, high end shopping, dining and nightlife entertainment. Scuba diving is one of city’s top recreational activities drawing lots of enthusiasts seeing to explore Recife reef system along with a plethora of sunken ships scattered along the bottom of the coastal waters.

Amazon River is one of the sought after destination flowing from Peru across the territory of Brazil and discharging in the Atlantic Ocean. Amazon Rainforest is one of the richest ecosystems in the world as to its flora and fauna. The River is home to hundreds of various species of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish. The second longest River in the world is also deeply etched in the history of South American nation that had historically lived in the Amazon forests.

Iguazu Falls, BrazilBrazil is also boasting a great number of beautiful waterfalls. Absolutely all Brazil travel guides agree that Iguazu Falls is simply a must visit simply because this attraction is listed among the top World’s Heritage Sites. Sitting on the border of 3 South American countries, the Falls are best explored from the safest point in Brazilian Foz do Iguacu. There are lots of walking trails to get to various viewing points, the picture unfolding in front of you is impossible to describe. The Devil’s Throat is a well known area located on the Brazilian side, where guests can survey enormous spray mist rising over 100 meters into the air. Take your time and explore the Falls from various viewing points, by taking a boat tour or perhaps splurging on a helicopter ride opening unforgettable aerial views of this Brazilian natural wonder.

No matter which destination you pick for your next Brazil vacation, you are sure to enjoy its many cultural and natural riches. According to many Brazil travel guides, tourists are advised to book their vacations early especially during winter holidays and Carnival season.