Broadway Musicals List – Top 10 Must-See Shows!

Broadway MusicalsIf you are traveling to New York and looking for top must see Broadway musicals list, we have carefully selected some highly acclaimed shows for you to consider. Broadway musicals along with Rockefeller Center, Times Square and Madison Square Garden attractions are a must to visit no matter how much time you have to spare in the NYC.

1. Phantom of the Opera is without a doubt one of the best New York Broadway shows and a timeless classic that could be enjoyed by first times or even the most sophisticated theatre enthusiasts. This award winning tale of love, haunted suspense and unforgettable singing will leave you breathless up to the last second of the show.

2. Evita is a hands down on the top of our Broadway musicals list and will be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. An array of award winning performers led by the sexiest male performer alive, Ricky Martin, are sure to produce the most anticipated musicals in the country.

3. Billy Elliot is one of the hottest New York City attractions and one of the most awarded Broadway shows in NYC. A story of a struggling youngster unfolds in front of your eyes. The boy has a passion for dancing in really tough economic environment in a blue color family. Elton John’s wonderful music along with humorous twists and awe-inspiring dancing win the hearts of the audience.

4. Chicago is another one on audience’s favorite Broadway musicals list. It’s one of the few shows on Broadway that remain spectacular without any need for sophisticated costumes and wild stage props. Basic black costumes coupled with masterful dancing and even better singing take the center stage in this tale of murder, love and dirty lawyers.

5. Anything Goes offers show stopping singing, sexy and funny performance in one of the most unusual and unexpected musicals on the Broadway stages you will enjoy.

6. Marry Poppins is another winning Disney classic that is sure to stir some excitement among the younger audience. Dance, sing and clap along with the best super-nanny in the history of humanity who can also fly her umbrella as an added bonus.

7. Wicked is a surprising Broadway adaptation of Wizard’s of Oz storyline with larger than life characters in their efforts to find the good and fight the bad. Wizard of Oz like we have never seen it before is a perfect entertainment for older kids and adults alike.

8. Avenue Q is one of the funniest Broadway hits and could be very well described as Sesame Street geared to adult audience. Puppets and actors join their efforts to delight the audience in this non-stop laugh hit.

9. Les Miserables is a Broadway version of the epic novel by Victor Hugo that has recently celebrated the 25th Anniversary since its first day on the Broadway stage. Melodic songs, high moral storyline and glorious performance of award winning cast create a one of a kind musical you should not miss.

10. Rent is a popular among younger crowds rock musical production that retells a very popular La Boheme opera storyline by Giacomo Puccini. The Broadway adaptation of the popular opera touches subjects such as sexual diversity, substance abuse, AIDS and struggles to survive against all odds.

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