Brooklyn Bridge Park Attractions and Activities

Brooklyn Bridge ParkIn hectic and extremely urbanized NYC area, Brooklyn Bridge Park serves as a perfect escape for New Yorkers and visitors opening stunning views of the downtown New York, it also happens to be a perfect place for enjoying great outdoor and cultural activities. According to Brooklyn Bridge facts, the Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in America connecting banks of the East River. Due to the vast Brooklyn Bridge history it draws millions of tourists annually.

The Brooklyn Bridge Park is sectioned off into several major areas that provide their unique set of attractions and activities. Please be advised that there are many areas of Park that are still under construction and might not be open depending on the day of your visit.

Pier 1 spans across 9.5 acres area and is considered the largest area of the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Pier 1 is one of the favorite places to view New York City skyline and its promenades stretching along the East River are fantastic places to walk and enjoy the waterfront. It’s worth mentioning that Park’s main message is self-sustainability so you will see lots of water gardens that act as natural purifiers for the rain water that is later collected and used for watering lawns and plants of the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Pier 6 is a much smaller area covering 1.6 acres of the Park and is considered to be one of the most fantastic free things to do in New York City especially if you have little ones. Pier 6 houses several volleyball courts, a destination playground and a water lab which serves as a place to cool down during hot NYC summers. Open food court areas serve delicious ice-cream and snacks to hungry visitors.

Main Street is another favorite hang out place for visitors featuring lots of playgrounds, lawns and steps leading to the water edge. In fact, this area is the favorite for couples sharing a relaxing day in NYC and is on the list of romantic things to do in New York.

Tobacco warehouse is perhaps one of the most important Brooklyn Bridge Park’s landmarks allowing its visitors to catch a glimpse of what waterfront New York looked like back in the 19th century. Now the space is reserved for rentals and performances.

The Cove that is tucked in between two main New York’s Bridges (Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge) is a lovely area with direct access to the water edge. The Cove waters are also home to many species of marine life including cod, perch, eel, striped bass and crabs. Visitors can also spot various kinds of birds that inhabit the area.

With so much to see and do at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, it is one of the most frequented parks in the NYC.