Canada Travel Guide

Quebec CityCanada is one of the world’s largest countries that is only predominated by Russia in the abundance of its territories and natural resources. Located in North America, the country has the highest concentration of fresh water lakes than any other country in the world that is additionally complimented by water glaciers of two main mountain ranges, the Canadian Rockies and the Coast Mountains. Immense British and French influence has shaped the cultural heritage of Canadian people that is translated in distinctly different traditions and ways of life depending on which region of the country your Canada vacations will take you. While English is spoken widely across the country, Quebec due to its rich French roots and history is the only region in the country that prefers the French language. Quebec is also the largest producer and exporter of the world’s famous maple syrup.

According to Canada travel tips, it’s important to consider that the country is influenced by several climatic types, namely continental in centrally located provinces; temperate climate is exercised in coastal regions of the country. Some regions bordering with the Atlantic Ocean can see freezing winter temperatures throughout 6 months of the year while southwestern regions can have mild and rainy winters. Depending on which province of Canada you are heading to and what time of the year, you should pack accordingly. Most Canada travel guides agree that the best time to book your Canada vacations is early September or October when you can land the best travel deals and still enjoy relatively warm temperatures allowing for the best explorations. Summer months are just too busy and hectic not allowing for sophisticated cultural experience.

Our travel guide will introduce you to major Canada attractions and provide Canada travel tips on which landmarks and sites should be included in your next vacation getaway. With information presented, we will guide you through a maze of Canada vacations choices to help your plan a vacation to tailor your needs and wants.

Ottawa is the capital of the country and one of the most alluring destinations for visitors of all types and ages. Whether you are seeking to see historical, art or recreational sides of the capital, you will not be disappointed. Parliament Hill buildings do not cease to amaze visitors with their historical architectural style and, if you lucky to visit during the summer, you can see Changing of the Guard ceremony. Tour the Royal Canadian Mint facilities to witness firsthand how Canadian bullion and numismatic coins are made. The National Gallery of Canada is one of the premier cultural venues of the country proudly presenting works of art from all over the world. Scotiabank Place is the grounds for world’s renowned music and theatre festivals.

TorontoToronto is a Canadian melting pot of cultural influences from all over the world that has evolved over the years to become the hippest metropolitan oasis offering its visitors the most unique Canada experiences you can ever venture on. Explore ethnic neighborhoods, feast on the most delectable international dishes and party all night long at the most upcoming bars and nightclubs in the city. In September the city becomes the grounds for Toronto Film Festival, one of the most notable movie venues in the world. If we can provide you with 2 most important Canada travel tips on the city, definitely come and see the CN Tower and Art Gallery of Ontario. The city is also a starting point for touring famous Niagara Falls that are ranked by travel guides among country’s “cheesiest” landmarks attracting visitors from all walks of life offering a bunch of gambling joints, chain restaurants and adult entertainment venues.

Montreal is one of the most fabulous travel destinations for travelers with sophisticated palates eager to explore all of the multifacetedness the city offers in so many different ways. The city has seen enormous French and British cultural influences that showcase themselves with a plethora of cultural and gastronomical venues. If you only have a day to spare, our guide suggests you pay a visit to Basilique Notre Dame church and the Museum of Fine Arts that is brimming with some of the most coveted art pieces.

Quebec City is the epicenter of the French culture in the country and one of the unique destinations you can think of venturing to in North America. Anywhere you cast your glance you will see living and breathing culture unlike anything you will find in Canada. Our guide suggests the best time to explore this gem of a city is early fall when loads of tourists have already departed and the weather is still perfectly warm. Old Town QC is a must to visit simply due to the fact that it is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, to say the least, and centers most sites and landmarks in its vicinity. Additionally, you can set on exploring upper and lower parts of the town that offer no less interesting restaurants, spots and attractions.

Banff National ParkCalgary is a booming city located in the Alberta province in Canada that has been drawing well-to-do white collar citizens for quite some time. The city is a perfect vacation spot for virtually anything you want to try in the country packing just the right amount of history and outdoor fun to keep you interested. Visit Canada Olympic Park, its iconic Tower and many of the city’s museums and cultural venues. The city is convenient place for booking a tour of Banff National Park located within 100 miles from the downtown area. It’s one of the oldest parks in Canada that provides plenty of activities for summer and winter tourism ranging from swimming and fishing in the summer to skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Vancouver is the up and coming urban metropolis enjoying a variety of both outdoor and cultural offerings. Located in British Columbia, a vast province in Canada, it is blessed with mountain ranges, gorgeous lakes and lush forests. Some of the hottest attractions in Vancouver are University of BC, Capilano Suspension Bridge, Fort Langley Historic Site, a series of museums and art galleries. The city draws sophisticated and hip travelers to get in touch with the pulsating day and nightlife of the city. There’s another distinct destination located at the southwestern part of BC, Victoria located on Vancouver Island. The area enjoys mild year round temperatures and some of the warmest summers in the country along with a variety of things to do and see ranging from whale watching to kayaking and swimming in the summer.

Nova Scotia is one of the oldest and most beautiful provinces in Canada offering its guests not only miles and miles of gorgeous landscapes and coastlines but an opportunity to feast on world’s tastiest lobsters. Choose from whale watching to boating and lounging at the beach to exploring French and British cultural impacts that have left a huge imprint in the history of the province.

We hope that our Canada’s travel guide has inspired you to venture on exploring many different sides that the country has to offer.