Cayman Islands Cruise Port – Top 10 Things To Do!

Cayman Islands CruiseA Cayman Island cruise is always a top choice for those who want to visit the Western Caribbean. If you are looking for things to do on your shore excursions, be not worried or afraid, there’s lots. Let’s take a look.

The top things to do on a Cayman Island cruise excursion are very different, which is why those who book their cruises prudently will try to find one that allows for a minimum of 2 nights. This ensures they can see most of the sights without overdoing it. Don’t let the people fool you into believing that the island is so tiny that you can see everything in one day, you can’t do it man, you just can’t do it.

The top 10 things to do on a Cayman Island cruise stopover are listed below:

1. Buccaneer Catamaran Tour – Spend 4 hours snorkeling to the best underwater reefs and caves the eyes can behold.

2. Go on a Rum Point Tour – Cruises to Cayman Islands always points to pirates and rum, hence rum runners and the famous tour.

3. See the Stingray City Sandbar – Most Western Caribbean cruises include stops where you can view stingrays, here you can swim with them.

4. Go horseback riding – If you book a Carnival Western Caribbean cruise you can surely find an excursion to Grand Cayman Beach and ride or even swim with the horse of your choice.

5. Go deep sea fishing – Almost all of the cheap cruises from Tampa to the Caribbean allow you to book a charter and go deep sea fishing. Probably because it’s popular in Florida too.

6. Go to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Gardens – Have fun on your Cayman Island cruise excursion spotting lizards and parrots. See if you can make them talk back, um, the parrots, not the lizards!

7. Relax – Look for white sand and head for Seven Mile Beach.

8. Shop – Find the boutiques in George Town and spend away.

9. Go to the museum – George Town is also home to the Cayman Islands National Museum.

10. Dive- Explore the hidden treasures under the sea by the Cayman Wall.